Canadian Life Liquidation Sale at Target on Merivale, Ottawa, March 2015

Just in the last month, MEXX, Smart Set and Futureshop have folded abruptly. I guess the pair of red cargo pants I bought at MEXX in 2005 are now a collector’s item.

Trends My Silly Mirror Case

French are epi­curean, joy­ous pes­simistic and self-conscious hedo­nist. North Amer­i­cans, on the other hand, strive for per­fec­tion and con­stantly want to bet­ter them­selves and those around them.

Raising a Canadian-Chinese-French Kid Scared!

I’m scared of nor­mal stuff: peo­ple around me get­ting hurt, day­care cen­tres going bank­rupt, not mak­ing enough money, dying, not being a good enough mother, run­ning out of time, my mother-in-law and for­get­ting impor­tant stuff. I’m not scared of mon­sters, so I’m a great mon­ster exterminator.

Just Blogging Self Portrait, Ottawa, March 2015

There are only so many hours in the day and they are always booked by two main tasks—work and Mark. In between, a myr­iad of small duties, a series of minor events and a plethora of inci­dents will inca­pac­i­tate me here and there, as if I was in a videogame.

Trends Debunking Stereotypes, Bangkok, 2011

Stereo­types can be used because it’s so damn con­ve­nient when unpre­dictable human beings fit into lit­tle boxes, prop­erly labelled. They are broad gen­er­al­iza­tions, and they are some­time true. But as long as you don’t treat stereo­types as iron-clad laws that apply to every sin­gle per­son, I don’t see why we should pre­tend they don’t exist.

Canadian Life Us (taken by Mark, Ottawa, March 2015)

There was no party, no engage­ment period, no white dress—we did have rings but only because we bought them on the way to the ceremony.

Trends March 21, 2015, Ottawa

What’s rel­e­vant to me—and this is how I keep track of the years going by—is the sum of all the expe­ri­ences, feel­ings and emo­tions that make up life and make us humans.

Immigration It's Sad to Live Without Trying, Graffiti in Uruguay, January 2015

I had missed rela­tion­ships end­ing and new ones begin­ning, I had missed pendaisons de cré­mail­lère in first apart­ments, I had missed months of eat­ing store-brand pasta because the cost of liv­ing in Paris is higher than in Nantes, I had missed first jobs, dri­ving licence exams, first rows of exams at university.

Raising a Canadian-Chinese-French Kid We Already Have Mug Shots

I’ve been deal­ing with human beings for almost 32 years now, and I’m pretty sure a con­junc­tion is com­ing after the ellip­sis. You know, like when a guy says “you’re very pretty…” or your man­ager starts with “great job on the project…”.

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