Trends March 21, 2015, Ottawa

What’s rel­e­vant to me—and this is how I keep track of the years going by—is the sum of all the expe­ri­ences, feel­ings and emo­tions that make up life and make us humans.

Immigration It's Sad to Live Without Trying, Graffiti in Uruguay, January 2015

I had missed rela­tion­ships end­ing and new ones begin­ning, I had missed pendaisons de cré­mail­lère in first apart­ments, I had missed months of eat­ing store-brand pasta because the cost of liv­ing in Paris is higher than in Nantes, I had missed first jobs, dri­ving licence exams, first rows of exams at university.

Raising a Canadian-Chinese-French Kid We Already Have Mug Shots

I’ve been deal­ing with human beings for almost 32 years now, and I’m pretty sure a con­junc­tion is com­ing after the ellip­sis. You know, like when a guy says “you’re very pretty…” or your man­ager starts with “great job on the project…”.

Canadian Life Snowbank with Salt

Snow is pretty. Unprac­ti­cal, but pretty. Unfor­tu­nately, a pic­turesque win­ter dream­land scenery “ages” as well as your aver­age Dis­ney teen pop star.

Raising a Canadian-Chinese-French Kid Ottawa, February 2015

Most days, I feel like I start the day as a giant yummy choco­late cake fresh out of the oven. But hours after hours, min­utes after min­utes, Mark grabs bites of me. And at the end of the day, there is noth­ing left but use­less stale crumbs. “Need… shower…” I grum­ble around 7 p.m.

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