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Freezing at the Bus Stop (Shitty selfie because I didn't have time to take a proper birthday pic)

Freezing at the Bus Stop (Shitty selfie because I didn’t have time to take a proper birthday pic)

When I worked at Canada Post, a colleague asked me for my date of birth. “March 21, 1983” I replied out without thinking—I had just spent the morning filling out employment forms. “Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t mind giving me your year of birth!” she laughed. “Some people are really weird about it!”

Turned out she was she “birthday card” person and she was really good at keeping track of the team members’ birthdays (and yes, she gave me a card that year, and all the years that followed—she actually became a very good friend).

I don’t really care about my age, getting older year after year and all that crap. Maybe I’m lucky. Women in my family age very well and both my mother and her mother look young and pretty.

Age is only a number. This year, I’m 31. Doesn’t mean much to me.

I have never planned my life (and never had career plans either). I was against marriage and ended up marrying Feng when I was 23. I had no idea how I would make a living but I absolutely love my job and never regretted taking the freelance road. I was undecided about having kids until I learned I was pregnant with my sweet dragon Mark.

Things happened and despite the ups and downs, the occasional bumps on the road, life is pretty good.


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  1. Happy Birthday! As you know, my husband shares the same birthday as you. This morning he said, “I can’t believe its March 21st already!” It seems like it was New Year’s Day just yesterday. Time is flying by this year!

    He said that he had a hard time believing that he was 34. I could really relate to him when he said that, as I can’t believe I’m 31 either. In my head I’m still in my early 20s and thinking ‘when I grow up…’.

    Oh well, what can you do, right?

  2. Happy Birthday!!!

    I love people like your colleague who remember dates and do something for them. It’s rare.

    It’s good to be fine with your age. We have no choice but to get older, and it’s hard to see people who rail against it.

    Hope you’re having a splendid day and celebrate well with your hubby and little dragon!

  3. Happy birthday, Zhu! Ironically, I think I worried more about getting older when I was younger. Now, in my 30s, I’m taking things more as they come. I like your attitude!

  4. So young and free spirited and so many achievements already! Not everyone can say how much they have accomplished by 31. I don’t think that is old at all!

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