6 Local SEO Tips for Small Business Owners

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Small businesses in Ottawa

Small businesses in Ottawa

Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as SEO, by definition is the process by which a company improves its website’s visibility using unpaid search engine result pages. This process increases the rankings and improves the quality of traffic a company earns through search engines.

Small sized companies should work on their online visibility and have up-to-date profiles. This will make it easier for potential customers’/ clients to get in touch with their company. By adding the company’s profile and location, Google can quickly locate your business profile. With just a few clicks, a potential client can find your website, services offered, prices, contact information, and location. SEO is a great marketing strategy that companies, especially start ups and small businesses, should invest in.

Below are some basic tips provided by SEO Royals to help you get started with SEO for your local business:

  1. Create Local Place Pages:

There are 3 main search engines. These engines are Bing, Yahoo, and Google. The first step to take is to visit the search engines my business page. There, you will fill in a form inquiring about your business. The form requires information such as your business name, contact information, business location, business hours etc. After filling this form, your company’s account can be activated.

  1. Optimize and Categorize your Page:

After setting up your account, the second step is to upload quality photos and create a short and precise business profile. The services offered and your business hours should be indicated clearly for maximum optimization.

Make sure you properly categorize your business. Businesses that are mis-categorized will not appear in the search engines. Keywords used to describe a company are very crucial for best visibility results.

  1. Accurate Business Information:

The third step is to ensure your business details are correct. The name of the business, the office contacts, and the physical location should be accurate. Take time to go over the information you have provided before submitting the form. Sometimes, you might find that your company is already listed. If this is the case, you can request to claim the listing. To claim a listing, you need to contact the search engines offices via phone, post mail, or email and verify that you are the owner of the.

A few tips you can use to check if your business is already listed are:

  • Use tools such as Localize and Yext. These tools help you locate your business local listings online.
  • Google Map Maker helps you search your business and contact number to ensure no duplicates are available online.
  • Before creating your listing, you can search for your business name to ensure no other business is using your name online.
  1. Online Reviews:

Reviews are a great way to get potential clients to click on your link. Reviews also help search engines rank your company. To get reviews, a business can ask walk in customers to rate and review their customer service online. If a customer is purchasing an item online, you can incorporate a pop up window into your website. This pop up window can request a customer to review and rate your business. Some companies write fake reviews or offer gifts to anyone who takes time to fill out a review. It is not advisable to use these methods, because you want your potential clients to view you as an honest business.

  1. Quality Photos:

More people are likely to click on a link that has quality photos as opposed to bad quality ones. To get higher visibility, a business should take into consideration the type of pictures they choose to post. Photos that are not of good quality or irrelevant to the business should not be posted. Google offers an option to upload as many photos as the business deems necessary using their Google+ tool. To upload a photo, you need to visit your local listing home page and click on ‘Add Photos”. If need be, hire a professional photographer to capture your items in the best quality and professional way possible. For a business that is in the service industry, the business logo is not enough. Photos of the building, clients enjoying the service are a sure way to increase your traffic

  1. Optimize your Website:

Aside from your local listings and pages, your business website is part of the local search. Ensure your website is listed on all major directories including local citations. Google also offers the opportunity to add organizations, colleagues, friends, to your circle to help get the word out for your business.

These 6 Local SEO tips are fundamental for business owners who are trying to gain more traffic and visibility through organic rankings.


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