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A French Market

There are two big mar­kets a week in Nantes, and they are both very busy. French do love food after all.

Fruits and veg­eta­bles are not always cheaper than at the super­mar­ket but peo­ple have their “petites habi­tudes” (cus­toms) and they enjoy shop­ping at the same stalls weeks after weeks. They joke, taste the fruits, com­plain about the price and hap­pily bag a few pounds of this and that. So-and-so has the best meat, so-and-so has the fresh­est bread etc.

Mar­kets also reflect the diver­sity of France. While it is not as mul­ti­cul­tural than in Canada, you can now find a lot of foods and prod­ucts from North­ern Africa, Asian food as well as exotic spices.

You can fol­low our French trip here on Flickr: France (2010).

North African Spices


Wine Test­ing

Home­made Jams


Goat Cheese with Spices


Feta Quiches


Far aux Pruneaux Cakes


  1. I always enjoy vis­it­ing out­door market…it makes food tastes better ;)

  2. Food yay! It even looks mouth­wa­ter­ing! :-) Did you taste any?

  3. Oh so much lovely food! I love the colour of the spices and the deli­cious look of the fruits and veg­eta­bles. We have some mar­kets like this in Nor­way in the sum­mer time but much smaller. It must be won­der­ful to go there and pick out you din­ner from stand to stand. Looks like a won­der­ful trip.

  4. You’re mak­ing me hungry :-D

  5. MMM le far…c’est bon!! Just booked my flight at Christmas!

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