A French Market


There are two big markets a week in Nantes, and they are both very busy. French do love food after all.

Fruits and vegetables are not always cheaper than at the supermarket but people have their “petites habitudes” (customs) and they enjoy shopping at the same stalls weeks after weeks. They joke, taste the fruits, complain about the price and happily bag a few pounds of this and that. So-and-so has the best meat, so-and-so has the freshest bread etc.

Markets also reflect the diversity of France. While it is not as multicultural than in Canada, you can now find a lot of foods and products from Northern Africa, Asian food as well as exotic spices.

You can follow our French trip here on Flickr: France (2010).

North African Spices


Wine Testing

Homemade Jams


Goat Cheese with Spices


Feta Quiches


Far aux Pruneaux Cakes


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  1. Oh so much lovely food! I love the colour of the spices and the delicious look of the fruits and vegetables. We have some markets like this in Norway in the summer time but much smaller. It must be wonderful to go there and pick out you dinner from stand to stand. Looks like a wonderful trip.

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