Alicante: Five Reasons to Visit This Beautiful Old City


Alicante lies on the southeastern coast of Spain along the Mediterranean Sea. The semi-arid climate and scenic coastal beaches are just some of the city’s attractions. The food, the festivals and the historical sites all contribute to make Alicante a must-see holiday destination. Accommodations are available for a range of budgets and needs; a comprehensive list of hotels and package deals, as well as flights, can be found here.

The Beaches

Alicante boasts eight beaches with soft, sand and clear waters along with rocky coves. While perfect for sun-bathing, these beaches are also great for jet skis or powerboats. The clarity of the water provides the optimal environment for snorkelling or scuba diving. Learn how to sail a boat or rent a canoe and enjoy the view from the water.

The Inland Landscape

The highest mountain peaks in the country, along with deep valleys and gorges, are right outside Alicante. During the spring, a great number of flower species bloom here, including orchids. Trekking through the countryside and into the mountains remains a great way to get out, and mountain biking has become more popular to experience the terrain. Bird-watching enthusiasts frequently see eagles and other raptors flying overhead. Don’t forget to stop and listen for the song of the nightingales.

The Historic Sites

Hike up the hill known as Tossal de Manises and visit the Ibero-Roman City of Lucentum. The site once spanned around 30,000 square meters and featured 1.3 kilometres of streets. It now contains the remains of homes, paving stones and thermal baths. Artefacts uncovered here date back to the 5th century B.C.
High atop Benacantil Mountain stands the Saint Barbara Castle. This medieval fortress served as the royal palace and military outpost. Tour the remnants of the structure and see well-preserved ancient weaponry.

The Cuisine

The locals here adhere to a typical Mediterranean diet that includes a variety of fresh vegetables from local gardens and fruits from the orchards. Dishes often contain a combination of rice and fresh fish or shellfish. Meals also often include popular baked goods and a selection of locally produced wines. Feast on stews, soups and salads prepared with homegrown ingredients. Light meals consist of sandwiches and the world-famous tapas.

The Festivals

The residents of Alicante celebrate numerous festivals throughout the year and begin every summer with the Fires of San Juan. This event features traditional bonfires and fireworks along with a variety of live entertainment, including folk music. The celebration brings thousands to the beaches and streets in commemoration of fire.

An annual event since 1990, the Elche Medieval Festival allows locals and visitors alike the chance to step back in time to simpler days. The atmosphere during this festival is reminiscent of the Middle Ages, with live music and theater performances, along with exhibitions, fireworks and family fun. Tents house everything from fantastic food to handmade crafts.


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