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  1. @Nigel Babu – I know!

    @Lizz – Yes, watching sunset these days is quite a cool activity.

    @Beth – Don’t jinx it! ;lol:

    @Lil Red – Glad you found me again, I had lost your url somewhere in the process.

    @Bluefish – I’m too lazy to have two blogs… I like to keep just one. I try to upload the pics on Flickr at the same time so that you can see the bigger version.

    @Tulsa Gentleman – I do think there is a reason related to the weather. Cloud patterns are definitely different in the Fall and in the Winter. Could be the cold/hot air mixing…

    @Seb – Yet they are! 😉

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – That’s a good idea actually, could be it.

    @RennyBA’s Terella – Crisp air brings all the beauty around I find.

    @Seraphine – This is a mystery to me. I took the picture on a Sataruday morning, when I went out for a walk. I spotted that weird twisty cloud and thought it was a plane trail. But it was way too low.

    The following Saturday, I saw it again, just a bit further! Weird, eh?

    @London Caller – 还没有机会看到北极光。。。一定很美丽!

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