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“There’s an app for that……”

The modern answer to all possible questions has given us some of the most poorly thought through software titles in the history of developing. Apps such as iNap, iHobo and iBeer are little more than (un)funny names that are designed simply to relieve you of your hard earned cash. However, one area in which the app market has exploded, and that offers genuinely useful software at great value, is the travel app market.

There are a seemingly infinite amount of apps, all designed to appeal to your wanderlust, and all of which offer varying degrees of usability and functionality. What’s more, with plenty of apps aimed exclusively at Canadian users and visitors, you might find that a selection of the best is something that you simply can’t travel without.

Here then, we take a look at four of the very best Canadian travel apps to help you get the most out of your trip.

  • WiFi Free Canada
    One of the most lamented issues with smartphone use in foreign countries is the dreaded roaming charge. Thankfully, whether you are a traveler or a resident, WiFi Free Canada allows you to display all of the free WiFi hotspots on an easy to view map related to your location. Daily updates mean you will always have the latest information and the app costs just 99 cents. A bargain considering all the money you’ll save.
  • Paysafecard App
    Of course, should you run out of phone credit, or you require a virtual wallet for any reason, then getting a paysafecard is a truly viable alternative to traditional credit cards. Download the app for free and you’ll be presented with the nearest paysafecard outlets from which you can top up. Check your balance and keep a clear view of your transactions whilst on the move – the perfect travel wallet for those without a credit card.
  • TomTom U.S. & Canada
    Satellite navigation has become a ubiquitous part of road travel and among the market leaders is TomTom. However, whilst throwing that handy piece of kit into the car at home is not an issue, packing it in your suitcase might just be a step too far. Thankfully however, you can now get all those same useful features on your smartphone. A little more expensive than most apps at $45.99 but almost definitely worth it.
  • Amazing Canada
    Now that your WiFi connection, cash and navigation are sorted, you just need to decide on which wonderful Canadian sights you want to see. Thankfully, the excellently curated Amazing Canada app provides you with everything you need to take in Canada’s most awe inspiring and interesting destinations. Free to download and featuring a wealth of information, each Amazing Canada app covers a different area of this beautiful and wild country.

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