Beautiful Getaways: Thailand


Often, people don’t seem to realize that Thailand holidays offer some of the most diverse, luxurious and naturally beautiful experiences of any place on earth. From the stunning cuisine to the rich and deep history, there is a lot to attract any holiday-maker to this idyllic getaway, whether you are looking to expand your cultural horizons or relax on a stunning beach for days on end.

Tasty trips in Thailand

There are many world-class restaurants in Thailand that offer delicate and tasty Asian cuisine which will never fail to delight those seeking a kick with their food. Located just a short 5 minute walk from Bangkok’s Victory Monument (a tourist landmark in itself), the Rod Den restaurant is one of Thailand’s most sought after eateries. Although they are famed for excellent pork rib soup, whatever you choose is bound to deliver a taste sensation in this impressive foodies favourite.

If you’re after a world-class experience at lunch rather than dinner, Bangkok’s Nang Loeng Market holds a restaurant that is sure to satisfy your Thai food cravings. Khao Gaeng Ruttana serves some of the tastiest fish in the country – but be quick! The restaurants fame and good reputation mean that the lunchtime rush can run down the choice of delicacies on offer, meaning you’ll have to make a timely visit if you want to experience the best bits available.

Top Thai resort

The Chiva Som resort in the gulf of Thailand isn’t just one of the best spa destinations in Asia, but in the entire world. Having won a multitude of awards, including best honeymoon resort and enduring excellence awards, the beautiful hotel offers getaways that promise “inner peace” and “physical renewal”. Even if the most lush spa treatments in the world don’t peak your interest, the beachside resort’s beauty will surely offer something to wow you, with everything from golf clubs to water parks in the surrounding area of Hua Hin to keep you entertained.

Culture trip

85km north of Bangkok, the ancient city of Ayutthaya left behind some of the most beautiful ruins which are just waiting to be explored by the culture-curious tourist. Temples and palaces which survived the city being set to the torch by Burmese invaders stand to this day and are just one of many fantastic cultural adventures to be had in Thailand.

Whether it’s the deep culture, luxurious beaches and resorts or both that you are looking for, Thailand will cover your every want.


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