Best Free Apps for Solo Traveller

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Since the advent of smartphones, app designers have been attempting to come up with solutions to everyday problems. Some of these are excellent for those who prefer to travel alone, as they can help keep you safe or entertained.

First up is the Outbound app, which helps you meet up with your fellow solo travellers in the area. This is an excellent way to make new friends or even just have a chat with someone in your own language. Chatting or meeting up with this app helps solo travellers pool their information on the area and avoid making the same mistakes as others. You do need to have Wi-Fi enabled for this app, but with so many places now offering this service for free this shouldn’t be too hard to find.


For entertainment purposes it’s great to have an app that allows you to play games wherever you are. Bingo apps, like those suggested on, are great for the solo traveller as you can play games, win and even chat with fellow players. There’s so much variety out there when it comes to gaming apps but bingo ones usually encompass casino, slot and bingo games for a top all round experience.

Airbnb has released an app that makes it even easier to find a place to stay at short notice. This can really help if you’re in a pinch or even just want to switch your accommodation up quickly. Users can filter by price and location to find the ideal apartment or flat share for as long as they like.

For those who are using rented cars during their time abroad the AroundMe app will help find a gas station quickly. Using the location settings on the phone this app directs users to the nearest station and also displays the pricing.


If you’re a traveller from the US then Smart Traveller is an ideal app to have in your library. This app comes from the US State Department and contains lots of useful information for those abroad. It has everything from emergency information to up to date alerts on travel between countries. One of the best assets in this app is the ability to find the local US Embassy of any country, which comes in handy in the event of a lost passport.


Those who want to get a real feel for an area, without getting caught in tourist traps, should download the Like a Local app. This collates information from teams of local writers to bring a no nonsense approach to the area that can even be saved for offline use. Travellers can download articles in an area with Wi-Fi and then use them when they are out and about.


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