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Cachoeira Do Tobogã

Cachoeira Do Tobogão

Cachoeira Do Tobogã

This day, I had a blond moment. Sorry to all blond read­ers, this is a fig­ure of speech.

Sick and tired of beau­ti­ful trop­i­cal beaches (as if!), we decided to take a trip to the for­est nearby Paraty. The owner of the hos­tel had men­tioned the Cachoeira Do Tobogã was a very beau­ti­ful place, so we jumped on a local bus and headed for it.

Now, as I said before, I do not speak Por­tuguese. Cachoeira sounded like cas­cada in Span­ish, so I was pretty sure we were going to see water­falls. I didn´t give much thought to the Tobogã part of the story.

The bus dropped us off by a lit­tle trail. We hiked a bit, crossed a sus­pen­sion bridge and arrived nearby a large smooth rock: the water­falls. Locals had gath­ered on the side and were… slid­ing down the slippy rock, and crash­ing below in a nat­ural pool. Like on a… tobo­gan. Ah ah! Tobogã… Tobog­gan… Yes, gotcha.

It was rain­ing pretty hard: the water level was very high, and the flow rate quite impres­sive. Of course, I chick­ened out and did not slide (offi­cial excuse was I did not take my swim­suit). Hon­estly, the idea of crash­ing down the rock below was not too appeal­ing, but the locals guys were hav­ing a blast.

Lit­tle did we know that another adven­ture was wait­ing for us in Paraty!

Green Leaves In The Jungle

Green Leaves In The Jungle

Suspension Bridge

Sus­pen­sion Bridge

The Waterfalls

The Water­falls

Sliding Down!

Slid­ing Down!

Nice Rainforest And Waterfalls

Nice Rain­for­est And Waterfalls

That´s A Lot Of Water...

That´s A Lot Of Water…

Church On Top Of The Forest

Church On Top Of The Forest

Green All Around

Green All Around



Feng On His Rock

Feng On His Rock


  1. Wow…that looks crazy! I don’t think I have enough guts to do that.

  2. Wow. You guys should have sturdy swimwear, oth­er­wise who knows when you slide down that thing you might have holes on your butts.

  3. @Shantanu — The guys were hav­ing a blast!

    @Sidney — Me nei­ther to be hon­est. I´m sure it would be seen as too risky in most countries.

    @Tulsa Gen­tle­man — See, I woldn´t have mind with a tube. Just some­thing under­neath would have helped!

    @Scarlet — I´m used to sus­pen­sion bridges, there are quite a few in Latn Amer­ica. But the slide… nope, I was scared, really!

    @Kirsten — The water was quite cold here too actu­ally. I took a dip in the pool below.

    @Bluefish — I didn´t! ;-)

    @Linguist-in-Waiting — Actu­ally, the rock was very smooth. A took the pic­tures stand­ing on the side and I almost fell!

  4. Oi Zhu!

    Que lindo!!! :D

    I loved the pho­tos! What a gor­geous place, girl! It was a great deci­sion to go there!
    I am not much of a for­est girl, how­ever I fell in love with these pictures…I really did!

    How hot is there?

    So you thought about me, eh? :)

    I am off to your next post!

    Keep hav­ing fun!

  5. That looks like so much fun! I would have tried, if I had my swim­suit of course :) Gor­geous pho­tos (in all the other posts as well)!

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