Cachoeira Do Tobogã

Cachoeira Do Tobogão

Cachoeira Do Tobogã

This day, I had a blond moment. Sorry to all blond read­ers, this is a fig­ure of speech.

Sick and tired of beau­ti­ful trop­i­cal beaches (as if!), we decided to take a trip to the for­est nearby Paraty. The owner of the hos­tel had men­tioned the Cachoeira Do Tobogã was a very beau­ti­ful place, so we jumped on a local bus and headed for it.

Now, as I said before, I do not speak Por­tuguese. Cachoeira sounded like cas­cada in Span­ish, so I was pretty sure we were going to see water­falls. I didn´t give much thought to the Tobogã part of the story.

The bus dropped us off by a lit­tle trail. We hiked a bit, crossed a sus­pen­sion bridge and arrived nearby a large smooth rock: the water­falls. Locals had gath­ered on the side and were… slid­ing down the slippy rock, and crash­ing below in a nat­ural pool. Like on a… tobo­gan. Ah ah! Tobogã… Tobog­gan… Yes, gotcha.

It was rain­ing pretty hard: the water level was very high, and the flow rate quite impres­sive. Of course, I chick­ened out and did not slide (offi­cial excuse was I did not take my swim­suit). Hon­estly, the idea of crash­ing down the rock below was not too appeal­ing, but the locals guys were hav­ing a blast.

Lit­tle did we know that another adven­ture was wait­ing for us in Paraty!

Green Leaves In The Jungle

Green Leaves In The Jungle

Suspension Bridge

Sus­pen­sion Bridge

The Waterfalls

The Water­falls

Sliding Down!

Slid­ing Down!

Nice Rainforest And Waterfalls

Nice Rain­for­est And Waterfalls

That´s A Lot Of Water...

That´s A Lot Of Water…

Church On Top Of The Forest

Church On Top Of The Forest

Green All Around

Green All Around



Feng On His Rock

Feng On His Rock


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