Canada Gives Green Light to Online Gaming

Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Canada

Throughout Northern America, online gambling remains a source of topical discussion and interest. Different states throughout the U.S. operate alternative local laws, for example, which creates a sense of uncertainty and an evolutionary market that is constantly changing. The landscape in Canada is even more interesting, where individuals who like to play games like Rainbow Riches at Paddy Power are forced to carefully understand the nations’ laws surrounding online gambling prior to making an informed decision.

Essentially, any established or international online gambling sites have historically operated in a legal grey area in the nation of Canada. This is because they are not regulated in the same manner that provincially operated gambling establishments are, despite the fact than an estimated 500,000 players currently use so-called ‘grey market’ sites in Ontario alone. This translates into approximately $500 million in lost revenue for the Canadian authorities, who have so far failed to recognise the popularisation of online gambling and its potentially lucrative nature.

This is set to change, however, especially given the news that Ontario is expected to launch its own online gambling platform in the weeks to come. The development of this online and mobile gaming platform represents part of a wider campaign to fully legalise and monetise virtual gambling in the nation of Canada, however, and this reflects similar efforts that are currently taking place throughout the U.S. This will not only redress a financial balance in Ontario, but it may also open the floodgates for grey-market sites to become fully accepted nationwide.

Given the popularity of online gambling sites and their globally accessible nature, it was always merely a matter of time before nations such as Canada and the U.S. altered their approach to online gambling. How this develops over time has yet to be seen, but stringent regulation will ensure that legalisation delivers genuine financial rewards for local authorities and the nation as a whole.


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