Canada Looking For Marijuana Suppliers


I had always heard that Canada was a pothead country, but frankly, I had always thought it was a stoner myth.

Note that it doesn’t mean anything: I can be extremely — and surprisingly — naive at times.

Like when we were traveling in Latin America. Once I went back home, everybody asked me about the drugs over there: “come on, didn’t you see poppy fields in Bolivia? Cocaine in Peru? “. Nope. Didn’t see any drugs. The odd join smoked at the hostel, maybe. But certainly much less drugs than I had seen when I was in high school.

Or the time we were backpacking from Bolivia to Chile. We had taken a local bus and had drove up all the way to the top of the Andes. The view was beautiful. It was a good thing because we spent the next six hours admiring it: our bus had been stopped there at the border between the two country and was literally being dismantled in front of our eyes by the border patrol. I had though they were looking for foodstuffs (it’s sometimes illegal because they can carry animal and plant pests and diseases… some countries are picky about that). Turned out that in fact, we were being searched for drugs, and yes, that had included slashing all of the bus tires (we had spares ones — apparently, the slashing thing was a common procedure because the bus driver didn’t bat an eye).

Anyway, naive I said.

But when I saw this news last week I started to understand the whole pothead thing.


Granted, we are talking about medical marijuana here, but still… I just found it funny.

First of all, explain me about growing marijuana in Canada. Doesn’t marijuana needs warm and humid weather? Because let me tell you, Flin Flon is just about the opposite, and by the way, Manitoba is one of the coldest province. Alright, I guess they grow it indoors. Must be why the police busts so many grow-ups here. But deep down, I’m convinced that Flin Flon was picked because of the funny-sounding name: must be hilarious when you’re high!

So, back to Flin Flon’s world famous pot (Jamaica is nothing compared to Flin Flon, man!). Apparently, the original stock of marijuana seeds were obtained from Royal Canadian Mounted Police drug raids, and there was some lack of consistency in the early crops. But then, the quality improved greatly, or so I was told.

Nonetheless, Health Canada is looking for a good supplier. Know anyone that might be interested and not currently in jail? Send a resume and a couple of joint to the Ministry (preferably on Wednesday… I teach there on Wednesdays only).

Off to go see Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay… What else?!


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  1. Hehehe it does sound strange. But at least they are openly bidding on a provider. Legal, and not run by organized crime. I suppose thats an improvement. Apparently pot doesn’t need such a warm environment there have been a string of farms busted here in Norway as well…so you never know. They don’t call it ‘weed’ for nothin!

    DianeCAs last blog post..Oslo Opera house is cool as ice

  2. @Mme. Meow – It most definitely is! 😆

    @Ghosty – I guess… in China, it does grow everywhere, most parc in Beijing have tons of marijuana. But Fin Flon???!

    @Colleen – I found it plain odd when I read that!

    @Seraphine – I love poems-comments! Or are they comments-poems? Anyway, what you say it very true.

    @silverneurotic – Nope hey? I had this feeling it was one of these “only in Canada” moment!

    @shionge – I guess you’re right!

    @Max Coutinho – See, I’m not sure myself. I think med. marijuana license owners can (or used to be allowed to?) grow some for themselves. But it also seems that the gov’ is selling its own… so I’m confused as well!

    @durano lawayan – I would never ever smoke dope abroad or worse, bring some with me. We all saw the Midnight Express movie… but hey, I saw a lot of marijuana in Asia, that’s true. Good weather!

    This grow-ops are a new thing to me, never heard of them in France. Or maybe I’m just naive as I said!

    @Theresa – Can you imagine working underground in Flin Flon in a grow-op? Man, you need a lot of drugs to stand that!

    Gotcha for the tag!

    @DianeCA – Yes, of course. That said, I heard really bad feedback about Ottawa’s marijuana… apparently not that good!

    @CM-Chap – Thanks 😉 Nah, no need to, Canada will be self-sufficient very soon in term of drug growing! 😆

  3. slashing the bus tires would certainly increase the cost of the trip for the bus company.
    i’m surprised the border people didn’t use dogs to search the bus instead.

  4. The question should be: Why are they growing marijuana in an abandoned mine shaft that is thousands of feet underground?

    The argument that it is for security reasons doesn’t fly right with me because: Honestly you can grow it in a large warehouse that has only one exit staffed by security staff. That’s it.

    So why are they growing it in an abandoned mine shaft?

    Research ‘Underground bases’ and you will get your answer.

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