Canada Looking For Marijuana Suppliers


I had always heard that Canada was a pot­head coun­try, but frankly, I had always thought it was a stoner myth.

Note that it doesn’t mean any­thing: I can be extremely — and sur­pris­ingly — naïve at times.

Like when we were trav­el­ing in Latin Amer­ica. Once I went back home, every­body asked me about the drugs over there: “come on, didn’t you see poppy fields in Bolivia? Cocaine in Peru? “. Nope. Didn’t see any drugs. The odd join smoked at the hos­tel, maybe. But cer­tainly much less drugs than I had seen when I was in high school.

Or the time we were back­pack­ing from Bolivia to Chile. We had taken a local bus and had drove up all the way to the top of the Andes. The view was beau­ti­ful. It was a good thing because we spent the next six hours admir­ing it: our bus had been stopped there at the bor­der between the two coun­try and was lit­er­ally being dis­man­tled in front of our eyes by the bor­der patrol. I had though they were look­ing for food­stuffs (it’s some­times ille­gal because they can carry ani­mal and plant pests and dis­eases… some coun­tries are picky about that). Turned out that in fact, we were being searched for drugs, and yes, that had included slash­ing all of the bus tires (we had spares ones — appar­ently, the slash­ing thing was a com­mon pro­ce­dure because the bus dri­ver didn’t bat an eye).

Any­way, naïve I said.

But when I saw this news last week I started to under­stand the whole pot­head thing.


Granted, we are talk­ing about med­ical mar­i­juana here, but still… I just found it funny.

First of all, explain me about grow­ing mar­i­juana in Canada. Doesn’t mar­i­juana needs warm and humid weather? Because let me tell you, Flin Flon is just about the oppo­site, and by the way, Man­i­toba is one of the cold­est province. Alright, I guess they grow it indoors. Must be why the police busts so many grow-ups here. But deep down, I’m con­vinced that Flin Flon was picked because of the funny-sounding name: must be hilar­i­ous when you’re high!

So, back to Flin Flon’s world famous pot (Jamaica is noth­ing com­pared to Flin Flon, man!). Appar­ently, the orig­i­nal stock of mar­i­juana seeds were obtained from Royal Cana­dian Mounted Police drug raids, and there was some lack of con­sis­tency in the early crops. But then, the qual­ity improved greatly, or so I was told.

Nonethe­less, Health Canada is look­ing for a good sup­plier. Know any­one that might be inter­ested and not cur­rently in jail? Send a resume and a cou­ple of joint to the Min­istry (prefer­ably on Wednes­day… I teach there on Wednes­days only).

Off to go see Harold And Kumar Escape From Guan­tanamo Bay… What else?!


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  1. Hehehe it does sound strange. But at least they are openly bid­ding on a provider. Legal, and not run by orga­nized crime. I sup­pose thats an improve­ment. Appar­ently pot doesn’t need such a warm envi­ron­ment there have been a string of farms busted here in Nor­way as well…so you never know. They don’t call it ‘weed’ for nothin!

    DianeCAs last blog post..Oslo Opera house is cool as ice

  2. @Mme. Meow — It most def­i­nitely is! 😆

    @Ghosty — I guess… in China, it does grow every­where, most parc in Bei­jing have tons of mar­i­juana. But Fin Flon???!

    @Colleen — I found it plain odd when I read that!

    @Seraphine — I love poems-comments! Or are they comments-poems? Any­way, what you say it very true.

    @silverneurotic — Nope hey? I had this feel­ing it was one of these “only in Canada” moment!

    @shionge — I guess you’re right!

    @Max Coutinho — See, I’m not sure myself. I think med. mar­i­juana license own­ers can (or used to be allowed to?) grow some for them­selves. But it also seems that the gov’ is sell­ing its own… so I’m con­fused as well!

    @durano lawayan — I would never ever smoke dope abroad or worse, bring some with me. We all saw the Mid­night Express movie… but hey, I saw a lot of mar­i­juana in Asia, that’s true. Good weather!

    This grow-ops are a new thing to me, never heard of them in France. Or maybe I’m just naïve as I said!

    @Theresa — Can you imag­ine work­ing under­ground in Flin Flon in a grow-op? Man, you need a lot of drugs to stand that!

    Gotcha for the tag!

    @DianeCA — Yes, of course. That said, I heard really bad feed­back about Ottawa’s mar­i­juana… appar­ently not that good!

    @CM-Chap — Thanks 😉 Nah, no need to, Canada will be self-sufficient very soon in term of drug growing! 😆

  3. slash­ing the bus tires would cer­tainly increase the cost of the trip for the bus com­pany.
    i’m sur­prised the bor­der peo­ple didn’t use dogs to search the bus instead.

  4. The ques­tion should be: Why are they grow­ing mar­i­juana in an aban­doned mine shaft that is thou­sands of feet underground?

    The argu­ment that it is for secu­rity rea­sons doesn’t fly right with me because: Hon­estly you can grow it in a large ware­house that has only one exit staffed by secu­rity staff. That’s it.

    So why are they grow­ing it in an aban­doned mine shaft?

    Research ‘Under­ground bases’ and you will get your answer.

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