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Capture the Colour Photo Contest

Self-Portrait, Ottawa, May 2012

Kathe­rina, a gifted blog­ger, trav­eler and pho­tog­ra­pher from Spain, recently invited me to par­tic­i­pate in the Cap­ture the Colour Photo Con­test, orga­nized by Trav­el­Su­per­mar­ket. Her own entry was very inspi­ra­tional, and I couldn’t resist dig­ging into my pho­to­stream to try to match it.

The rules of the con­test are sim­ple: each blog­ger must choose 5 pho­tos rep­re­sent­ing Blue, Green, Yel­low, White and Red. The win­ner of each color cat­e­gory will win an iPad, and the over­all win­ner takes home 2,000 GBP. Sounds cool, no?

Here are my picks. All the pic­tures were taken in Ottawa:

Blue: I always loved these huge build­ings with mirror-like facades in Ottawa’s down­town core. If the sky is nice, it’s like watch­ing a movie on a big screen TV!

Clouds Reflec­tion (Ottawa)

Green: In Ottawa, when it rains, it pours. And I love the quiet moment after a thun­der­storm, when the last drops of water cling to flow­ers and plants.

After the Rain (Ottawa)

Yel­low: One day, I got tired of shoot­ing the tulips at the yearly epony­mous fes­ti­val in Ottawa, and decided to try to find new angles. This was one of my favourite shots.

Heart of a Tulip (Ottawa)

White: White has to be Ottawa after a sur­prise snow storm. Trust me, I froze my ass off to take that shot!

Win­ter Storm (Ottawa)

Red: This is prob­a­bly my favourite colour and it’s every­where in Canada, start­ing with our flag. But to illus­trate red, I’d rather pick this sin­gle tulip and the bokeh in the background–feels like a paint­ing, doesn’t it?

Red Tulip (Ottawa)

It’s now my turn to invite a few tal­ented blog­gers to par­tic­i­pate in the contest:

Good luck every­one! The con­test closes on August 29, 2012.


  1. The angle of the blue one almost gives me ver­tigo. Very cool!!

  2. Thanks Zhu, you’re too kind! :) I knew you were going to post some really good pho­tos… you always do! But I must say that the blue one is my absolute favorite — the sky­scraper could almost be a win­dow instead of a reflection!

  3. Hi Zhu,

    Pho­tos are gor­geous. My favorites are blue and white with first one steal­ing the show. :)

  4. Reflec­tions always catch my eye.

  5. Saw this yes­ter­day :/ plus my com­puter isn’t even con­nected yet. It’s such I shame, I would have loved to participate!

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