Cataratas Do Iguaçu (Brazil Side)

Overview Of A Fall

Overview Of A Fall

On our sec­ond day, we crossed again to Brazil to visit the other side of the water­falls. While the Argen­tin­ian side allows close-up, the Brazil­ian side is the grand overview — and what a view! The misty atmos­phere made great rain­bows too.

On both sides of the falls, we spot­ted a lot of wildlife (not includ­ing mos­qui­toes, who spot­ted us just fine as well). Croc­o­diles, huge ants, rac­coons, and thou­sands of pretty but­ter­flies… quite amazing.

The trip back on the Argen­tin­ian side was quite a rush after a few hours in the park. We had to take three buses, and we barely made it for our 17:00 overnight bus to Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires and… back home…

On Top Of The Falls

On Top Of The Falls

Water Curtains

Water Cur­tains

Near The Water

Near The Water



Overview Of The Many Waterfalls

Overview Of The Many Waterfalls

Little Falls

Lit­tle Falls

Heavy Waterflow

Heavy Water­flow

In Rainbow

In Rain­bow

Butterfly At The Falls

But­ter­fly At The Falls

88 Butterfly

88 But­ter­fly

Butterfly Following Us

But­ter­fly Fol­low­ing Us

All Yellow...

All Yel­low…


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  1. @CM-Chap — Thank you!

    @kyh — Argentina is more impres­sive because the falls are big­ger. Yet, we had been to the Argen­tin­ian side a few years ago, so we were glad to check out Brazil’s part of the falls!

    @Agnes — Yep, three months… I loved blog­ging on the road!

    @Bluefish — It does, in my hum­ble opinion!

    @Max Coutinho — The but­ter­flies were cute, and used to peo­ple as well. They would go on our bags and not move!

  2. Ahhh Zhu, I am so jeal­ous.… this is one of the most amaz­ing places in the world. I enjoyed my visit there so much. Your lovely pho­tographs are bring­ing back so many mem­o­ries. I can still remem­ber the energy from the water­fall. It was almost elec­tric. I’m really glad that you had a won­der­ful time :o)

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