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Just Blogging When I Discovered I Could Take Selfies With my New Phone (Ottawa, March 2013)

You’re so thin!” I heard from friends and strangers alike. I didn’t see it. I didn’t look at myself. I was sim­ply annoyed that my clothes were too big. I wasn’t try­ing to lose weight or to reach a par­tic­u­lar so-called “ideal weight”. I just didn’t want to eat. Of course, here lies the big how-to-lose-weight-easily secret I dis­cov­ered for you: don’t eat and you won’t gain weight.

Just Blogging My New Top from China

I was recently con­tacted by Sammy Dress to review their prod­ucts. “Sure,” I said. “Send me some­thing and I will take a look.” What? I am not review­ing some­thing I haven’t tried!

Just Blogging Freezing at the Bus Stop (Shitty selfie because I didn't have time to take a proper birthday pic)

When I worked at Canada Post, a col­league asked me for my date of birth. “March 21, 1983” I replied out with­out thinking—I had just spent the morn­ing fill­ing out employ­ment forms. “Wow, I can’t believe you didn’t mind giv­ing me your year of birth!” she laughed. “Some peo­ple are really weird about it!”

Just Blogging Strangers Reading at Chapters, Ottawa, September 2011

My love story with books started when I was three years old. I have never stopped read­ing since. I love had cov­ers, paper­backs, mag­a­zines, essays, news­pa­pers… hell, if I’m des­per­ate, I have been known to enjoy the back of the cereal box or user man­u­als. I am not going to turn this blog into a book club but I wanted to share a few finds. So here are ten awe­some non­fic­tion books I enjoyed!

Just Blogging Bye Bye BlackBerry, Hello Android!

I have… or rather, I had a Black­Berry. It had been a no-brainer choice to me. I have never been an Apple gal and there weren’t that many options on the mar­ket two years ago. Beside, Ottawa tends to be loyal to BlackBerry—we all know some­one who works for Research in Motion and it is the default device for all gov­ern­ment employees.

Just Blogging Footprint, Costa Rica, February 2014

The first year I worked as a French teacher in Ottawa, as soon as spring sprung, my students—all fed­eral gov­ern­ment employees—started to sport painted toe­nails. They would com­pare the rel­a­tive mer­its of Shel­lac over OPI. When I admit­ted I didn’t really have an opin­ion on the topic, they asked incred­u­lously: “You’ve never had a pedicure?!”

Just Blogging Ouch! At the Civic in Ottawa

On Mon­day morn­ing, after a night’s sleep to recover from the flight back, I drove Feng to the near­est walk-in clinic so that he could have his eye checked.

Just Blogging Self Portrait in Nantes, December 2013

It’s the end of the year as we know it! No party for us this time. The return from France has been pretty bru­tal: Feng is still deal­ing with his bat­tle scars, it’s very cold and we lost our Inter­net con­nec­tion and land­line (thanks, Bell!). We are still unpack­ing and get­ting over the jet­lag and Mark is très très cranky.

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