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Bye, 2013!

Self Portrait in Nantes, December 2013

It’s the end of the year as we know it! No party for us this time. The return from France has been pretty brutal: Feng is still dealing with his battle scars, it’s very cold and we lost our Internet connection and landline (thanks, Bell!). We are still unpacking and getting over the jetlag and Mark is très très cranky. Read More »

Picture of the Week: Condo Hate

Downtown Ottawa, November 2013

In recent years, the condominium industry has been booming in Canada, with dozens of new towers being erected each year. And they are usually marketed with buzzwords such as “Modern living!” “Amazing layout!” “Hotel inspired!” “Luxury units!” “Granit countertops!” Read More »

Pay It Forward and Good Karma

Homeless in Ottawa, December 2009

I am the first one to admit I don’t own a copy of the very much sought-after Life for Dummies – An Instruction Manual. Yet, even if my motto is “no gods, no masters”, I have a conscience, this wonderful aptitude that assists in distinguishing right from wrong. Read More »

The “Itchy & Scratchy Show” And the Hotel From Hell

Family Portrait

I’ve seen bed bugs before, mostly in dirty hostels in Australia—I remember being eaten alive a couple of times in Melbourne. But I kind of expected it. I mean, hostels are… well, hostels. When the twelve guys in your sixteen-bed dorms haven’t showered or done laundry in days and when they store food on their beds… you know it’s a bed bug hostel. But I certainly wasn’t expecting a place like a Travellodge Hotel (not fancy but decent) to have bed bugs. Read More »