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Just Blogging Homeless in Ottawa, December 2009

I am the first one to admit I don’t own a copy of the very much sought-after Life for Dum­mies – An Instruc­tion Man­ual. Yet, even if my motto is “no gods, no mas­ters”, I have a con­science, this won­der­ful apti­tude that assists in dis­tin­guish­ing right from wrong.

Just Blogging Birds at the Farm, Ottawa, November 2013

Even nature doesn’t like Novem­ber. Trees are bare now, the geese all flew South for the win­ter a few weeks ago and the crops have been har­vested at the Exper­i­men­tal Farm, leav­ing noth­ing behind, just empty fields. Noth­ing? Well, maybe some seeds… and the birds found them.

Just Blogging Owls of the Nile from Threadless

The “Owls of the Nile” design was cre­ated by Rachel Cald­well aka ThirstyFly, a tal­ented Philadelphia-based illus­tra­tor. I absolutely love the details she included in this art! It’s a truly unique piece.

Just Blogging Family Portrait

I’ve seen bed bugs before, mostly in dirty hos­tels in Australia—I remem­ber being eaten alive a cou­ple of times in Mel­bourne. But I kind of expected it. I mean, hos­tels are… well, hos­tels. When the twelve guys in your sixteen-bed dorms haven’t show­ered or done laun­dry in days and when they store food on their beds… you know it’s a bed bug hos­tel. But I cer­tainly wasn’t expect­ing a place like a Trav­el­lodge Hotel (not fancy but decent) to have bed bugs.

Just Blogging Graffiti at Chapters, Ottawa, August 2013

This blog is a great way to meet peo­ple, to fuel my pas­sion for writ­ing and pho­tog­ra­phy, to show what I do to prospec­tive clients, to net­work, etc. And it’s always reward­ing to see the read­er­ship grow. But it has down­sides as well. Ear­lier this month, I received an email from Site5, my host­ing com­pany, claim­ing that my resource usage was too high to stay on a shared server plan.

Just Blogging TopBox Package

A good year after the trend picked (appar­ently I am not an early adopter!) I decided to try one of the many “sub­scrip­tion box” ser­vices. Why not? I love receiv­ing mail and if the enve­lope can con­tain sam­ples rather than another let­ter from my bank press­ing me to apply for a credit card, I’m all for it.

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