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Picture of the Week: Traffic Jam

Traffic Jam in Ottawa, June 2013

Despite being a fairly large city plagued with the usual issues associated with any urban environment, Ottawa is home to a variety of wildlife. For instance, in our suburban neighbourhood, a fifteen-minute drive from Parliament Hill, we have plenty of rabbits, squirrels, skunks, turtles (!) and many beautiful bird species. Read More »

Parking at Bristol Airport

If you’re plan­ning to fly from Bris­tol Air­port, you’ll find a num­ber of Bris­tol Air­port park­ing options to suit a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent require­ments and budgets. Head to the Bris­tol Air­port web­site and their park­ing pages will tell you every­thing you need to know about park­ing at the air­port. The cheap­est option usu­ally involves park­ing in an off-site car park through a local park­ing agent, who can then trans­port you to and from the airport. How­ever if you would rather park on-site, Bris­tol Air­port has a num­ber of options that won’t break the bank. Its cheap­est on-site park­ing option involves ... Read More »

Picture of the Week: Sens Fever

Sens Flag on the National Art Gallery Crane, Ottawa, May 2013

This year, loyal Ottawa hockey fans were rewarded: The Ottawa Senators, the city’s team, made it to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Suddenly, Sens flags started to appear all across the city, on windows, on cars… and even on the big crane by the National Art Gallery of Canada. Read More »

I had a Fantasy

Mark, 25 Weeks and 4 Days

Once upon a time, like, six months ago, I had fantasies—some of which I won’t describe here. Now I have a fantasy: checking into an a hotel of my preference, alone. I know that I am a backpacker at heart but for that specific fantasy, let’s assume the location of the hotel doesn’t matter—only the amenities do. Read More »