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Just Blogging Downtown Ottawa Construction Work, Ottawa, May 2012

Although Ottawa doesn’t have as many con­dos as in Toronto, they are still pop­u­lar here, espe­cially in the down­town core. The past few years, I have seen quite a few new build­ings pop­ping up on Rideau Street, around the Byward Mar­ket and in the Bank Street neighborhood.

Just Blogging Sparks Street, Flooded, Ottawa, June 2012

When it rains in Ottawa, it pours. And it has been pour­ing for almost a week non-stop now—blah weather, trust me. Umbrel­las aren’t being ter­ri­bly help­ful because it’s flooded every­where, and the wind is often too strong to hold the umbrella in the first place.

Just Blogging

Vol­un­teers are con­stantly look­ing for the ‘moti­va­tion’ that explains their actions. Just what is it that makes them pack their bags, fly far afield and work on a project rather than lounge on a beach?

Vol­un­teers often say that, far from expect­ing a reward in heaven, they get reward enough from the expe­ri­ence itself. So what are the 7 earthly prizes that are received by those who vol­un­teer abroad?

Just Blogging Don't Feed The Wildlife, Ottawa, May 2012

Recently, a new sign was put up by the entrance of the Ottawa Pub­lic Library: “Do not feed the wildlife”. The pigeon pos­ing by the sign seemed par­tic­u­larly offended. “But I’m hungry!”

Just Blogging War, This Way, Ottawa, May 2012

Canada is a peace­ful nation, which is prob­a­bly why next to the “war – this way” sign, there is a “wong way” sign. Or at least, that’s my twisted inter­pre­ta­tion of this pic­ture I snapped between Par­lia­ment Hill and Sparks Street.

Just Blogging Electrical Locker in Little Italy, Ottawa, May 2012

In Ottawa, the heart of Lit­tle Italy lies along Pre­ston Street, in the area known as “Corso Italia”. Like in Chi­na­town, the entrance on Car­ling is marked by a metal arch in the colours of the Ital­ian flag. Even the elec­tri­cal lock­ers are painted in the colours of the flag!

Just Blogging Weird Sign At The Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, April 2012

I’m a huge fan of signs and I always keep an eye out for the fun­ni­est or strangest ones, at home or abroad. I found this gem when explor­ing the Cen­tral Exper­i­men­tal Farm a few days ago. It was put up in the very quiet park­ing lot. Feng and I looked at each other and burst out laugh­ing. “The hell…?” we wondered.

Just Blogging Self-Portrait, Ottawa, April 2012

When I typed my first post on Blog­ger in Novem­ber 2006, I had now idea I would still be writ­ing today. It was a spur-of-the-moment deci­sion, mostly moti­vated by bore­dom and cul­ture shock. And six years later, I’m still there, still enjoy­ing blog­ging. Funny, isn’t it?
In hon­our of my 900th arti­cle, here are 10 things I wish I had known about blogging.

Just Blogging Shoveling the Snow, Ottawa, March 2012

Most Cana­di­ans keep a shovel in the garage, and it’s not to build sand­cas­tles, but to shovel the snow. A sin­gle snow­storm can bring ten, twenty, thirty of more cen­time­ters of snow and it can make get­ting out of the house a challenge.

Just Blogging Flooded Intersection, The Glebe, Ottawa, March 2012

The weather has been very strange for the past few days. We had snow, bliz­zard, very strong winds, warmer tem­per­a­tures, hail, drift­ing snow and then cold tem­per­a­tures. This resulted in dirty snow banks and some slush.

Just Blogging Red Gloves on Snow, Ottawa, February 2012

I’m ter­ri­ble when it comes to wear­ing gloves. Doing so is com­mon sense: the wind can be extremely cold and win­ter weather is gen­er­ally dry. But I always seem to need my bare hands and I hate tak­ing the gloves off and putting them back a

Just Blogging On The Rink, Ottawa, February 2012

There is a lit­tle park in our neigh­bour­hood, and each year the com­mu­nity puts up a home­made out­door ice skat­ing rink, also used for hockey prac­tice by the kids. I snapped this pic­ture when walk­ing back from the super­mar­ket, as a teen was lac­ing up his skates before hit­ting the ice.

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