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Just Blogging Graffiti in Nantes, 2010

At 30 years old, I should have a firm grasp on my life and my unique sense of style. I should. Well, on the plus side, I am not in debt, I kind of like my life overall—even if it’s a bit crazy at times—and I feel thank­ful for what I have.
But there are these five “girly” things I can’t quite seem to mas­ter. First world prob­lems, I know, I know…

Just Blogging Mark, 25 Weeks and 4 Days

Once upon a time, like, six months ago, I had fantasies—some of which I won’t describe here.
Now I have a fan­tasy: check­ing into an a hotel of my pref­er­ence, alone. I know that I am a back­packer at heart but for that spe­cific fan­tasy, let’s assume the loca­tion of the hotel doesn’t matter—only the ameni­ties do.

Just Blogging In The Subway, Paris, 2010

It’s no secret that Paris is a pretty expen­sive city, for both trav­el­ers and res­i­dents. You can always save on trans­porta­tion by buy­ing a sub­way pass or walk­ing every­where, and save on food by eat­ing like locals, favourite small boulan­geries rather than pricey restau­rants.
But you still have to sleep some­where. And trust me, stay­ing in a con­ve­nient and clean place makes all the dif­fer­ence in a city like Paris, that can be a bit chaotic at times. You want a nice bed and a good shower at the end of the day, after a few stinky sub­way rides.

Just Blogging Turning 30

Today, on March 21st, I am turn­ing 30.

It doesn’t faze me much. I could pre­tend I’m freak­ing out over the big “3−0” because my twen­ties are over but really, I don’t care because I am look­ing for­ward to many more years of adven­tures, life expe­ri­ences, ups and downs and surprises.

Just Blogging Mark, 16 Weeks

Like most new par­ents, I’m often torn between shar­ing cute pic­tures of my kid and with­hold­ing them because, you know, it’s a big scary world we are liv­ing in. It may be my “Amélie Poulain” side but most days, I choose to see the world as a nice place and I refuse to give in to the “cul­ture of fear” where we are too often scared of the wrong things.

Just Blogging A Slideshow I Won't Go Through

I spend a lot of time online, both for work and leisure. I love surf­ing the Web: I’m an avid reader and Inter­net is a gold­mine of infor­ma­tion. But lately, I dis­cov­ered a few trends that are to me, a vis­i­tor, a huge turn-off.Here are my 5 web­site pet peeves or “Why you lost a visitor”.

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