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Down Under

Winter 2010 trip to Australia, the land Down Under, plus traveling in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Lots of pictures and travel stories!

G'Day, Sydney

(Not) Fresh of the Plane

On Monday night, we packed our bags again and returned to LAX to catch our flight to Sydney. The entire security process took about 5 minutes:no immigration control, no passport stamp, the bags were simply x-rayed and we didn’t have to go through the body-scanner non-sense. Morale of the story: getting into the U.S.A is hard but getting out is piece of cake. Read More »

The Rich L.A

Santa Monica Pier

I was curious to see the other side of L.A, the glamorous one. So far, I wasn’t too impressed: houses looked nice but nothing out of the ordinary. I certainly couldn’t picture all these movie stars and socialites living here, in Korea Town or in Little Armenia. Read More »

Venice Beach

Venice (backwards because it looks artistic, right?)

We headed to Venice Beach and had breakfast in a small sidewalk restaurant, from which we could observe people coming and going. This is one of the best spot I have ever seen for candid portraits and street photography—locals seemed oblivious to what was going on around them and simply kept on rollerblading, running, singing or whatever activity they were into. Read More »

Hollywood Boulevard

Palm Trees

After Hollywood Hill, we headed back to Hollywood Boulevard for a much-needed dose of tacky souvenirs and postcards. Being in L.A was very fun for me, the same way it is for an American going to Paris, I guess. I read so many mystery and thriller books taking place in that city, including Jonathan Kellerman’s books, that I felt I knew it. Yet it surprised me. Read More »


Above the Grand Canyon

We didn’t sleep much on Saturday night and getting up at 4:30 a.m. on Sunday was brutal. I can barely remember what we did at the Ottawa airport, but we must have got it right because we landed in Toronto at 8 a.m., transferred to another flight and landed in Los Angeles six hours later. Read More »

The Runaway

Dreamcatcher at the Byward

Many years ago, as I was heading to Australia, a friend of a friend tried to psychoanalyze me. “But, don’t you think you are running away?” she said, wisely, at the ripe old age of 20. “Traveling so much… what are you escaping from?” I quickly brushed her comment away, both because her superior air of wisdom annoyed me and because I quite didn’t know what to say. Read More »

10 More Things I Can’t Travel Without

Escaping The Winter

The first list I made was by no means the last one. The more we travel, the more we learn. Times change too: up until our Latin America trip two years ago, I carried... a Walkman and a few homemade tapes. I finally bought an iPod nano and it literally saved my sanity during these long bus rides! Read More »

Down Under

Somewhere in the Outback, Australia, Spring 2003

We need to travel badly, like two junkies looking for a fix. We need to escape Canada and the cold winter. We need the freedom and the carefree life of those who hit the road. I don’t know where this trip will take us. We have no plans, as usual. We just bought the tickets a couple of weeks ago, almost on a dare. It took us the whole evening to figure out the best itinerary and we decided to fly the Pacific route through L.A. Read More »