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Trends ...These Brazilians! (Brazil, January 2015)

Take a look!” the estheti­cian encour­aged me. Ah, this is why there was a big mir­ror on the wall. I took a look under her watch­ful eye, care­ful to strike the right bal­ance between “appre­cia­tive of the work” and “porn-star-in-training”.

Trends Tourists and City Map, Paris, 2010

When­ever I see peo­ple with a clue­less look on their face, a city map in one hand and a guide­book in the other, I tend to stop and offer help. It’s good karma for trav­el­ers like us. Plus, I’ve been there—lost in a new city, unable to read the damn map prop­erly, look­ing for direc­tions, etc.
But tourists can be really weird.

Trends Danger Due To Zombies, Toronto, 2011

I was fairly street smart by the time I set­tled in Ottawa. I had back­packed in China alone, had trav­eled through most of Latin Amer­ica and had dealt with all kinds of nui­sances all over the world from get­ting cat­calls to being mugged, from los­ing my wal­let to being fol­lowed by drunks. I found Ottawa pretty sedate com­pared to Rio, Guatemala City, Tegu­ci­galpa or even Paris. But do you know where I felt uneasy? Suburbia.

Trends Best Tickets Ever!

When Feng and I went to see The Rolling Stones in 2005 in Ottawa—our first con­cert together—we joked that it may be our last chance to catch them live.
The joke was on us. Eight years later The Rolling Stones are still on the road with their 50 & Count­ing Tour and we couldn’t resist going to see them, again.

Trends The Stupid Selfie, Ottawa, February 2013

Perched on these com­fort­able high heels, I feel good. My legs seem longer, I am taller, I stand straighter and I am more con­fi­dent.
I want to look pretty again. I want to seduce, I want to feel sexy and I want to be desired.

Trends Pop 'n' Spaw - If you play long enough, you may see that!

Angélique and Tin­lun are a skilled cou­ple, but they are quick to point out that their two cats are doing most of the cod­ing work. Yet, on top of keep­ing busy with free­lanc­ing assign­ments and con­tract work, they found the time to develop their own videogame—Pop’n’Spawn was recently released, and it’s addictive!

Trends Our Fridge in Ottawa, April 2012

When I’m in Canada, my French foodie friends and I some­times indulge in food porn fan­tasies, nam­ing the brands of cook­ies we miss the most and the dishes we wish we could recre­ate but can’t because there is always some key ingre­di­ent miss­ing. So when I went to France after a two-year long absence, I had my eyes set on the food.

Trends République Française

On Sat­ur­day, I have to go vote for the first round of the Pres­i­den­tial Elec­tions at the French Embassy in Ottawa. France will only vote on Sun­day, but as “French abroad” we have to cast our bal­lot a day earlier.

Trends No More Phone Booths!

One of the first things I had to do when com­ing home, along with doing loads of laun­dry, was to get a phone.
Well, tech­ni­cally, I have a phone. Two, even: a land­line (pri­mar­ily for tele­mar­keters to call) and a cell phone that I never use because I haven’t bought min­utes in ages.

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