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The Art of Complaining (What Would You Have Done?)

Mirrors are fun!

Our Labour long week­end get­away was a last-minute deci­sion. As we usu­ally do in this case, we searched for a good deal on Expe­dia and booked a chain hotel by the airport—we have a car so we don’t mind being out­side the down­town core. Best West­ern, Radis­son, Qual­ity Inn… these brands are all the same to me. They pro­vide a clean room—if bland–room with all the basic amenities. Except when some­thing goes wrong. On our sec­ond day, when we came back to the hotel at night, a printed sheet of paper was taped to the ele­va­tor doors, warn­ing guests that the City ... Read More »

Helping Tourists (Or Not)

Tourists and City Map, Paris, 2010

Whenever I see people with a clueless look on their face, a city map in one hand and a guidebook in the other, I tend to stop and offer help. It’s good karma for travelers like us. Plus, I’ve been there—lost in a new city, unable to read the damn map properly, looking for directions, etc. But tourists can be really weird. Read More »

A Strange Cultural Difference (Or Feeling Unsafe in Peaceful Suburbia)

Danger Due To Zombies, Toronto, 2011

I was fairly street smart by the time I settled in Ottawa. I had backpacked in China alone, had traveled through most of Latin America and had dealt with all kinds of nuisances all over the world from getting catcalls to being mugged, from losing my wallet to being followed by drunks. I found Ottawa pretty sedate compared to Rio, Guatemala City, Tegucigalpa or even Paris. But do you know where I felt uneasy? Suburbia. Read More »

Sexy Boots

The Stupid Selfie, Ottawa, February 2013

Perched on these comfortable high heels, I feel good. My legs seem longer, I am taller, I stand straighter and I am more confident. I want to look pretty again. I want to seduce, I want to feel sexy and I want to be desired. Read More »

How I Got Sick of French Food

Our Fridge in Ottawa, April 2012

When I’m in Canada, my French foodie friends and I sometimes indulge in food porn fantasies, naming the brands of cookies we miss the most and the dishes we wish we could recreate but can’t because there is always some key ingredient missing. So when I went to France after a two-year long absence, I had my eyes set on the food. Read More »

The Phone Quest

No More Phone Booths!

One of the first things I had to do when coming home, along with doing loads of laundry, was to get a phone. Well, technically, I have a phone. Two, even: a landline (primarily for telemarketers to call) and a cell phone that I never use because I haven’t bought minutes in ages. Read More »

Going Digital

"iPod... I am Your Father", a funny ad for a classic rock radio

I’m the kind of person who reads a book a day (and because OCTranspo is rarely on time, I have the chance to do so). Like most women, I carry my life in my bag, plus a couple of books (just in case I finish one, I like to have a backup). Some of my friends have tried to get me to switch to an eBook reader but I reacted like a granny. “It’s gonna hurt my eyes! It’s not the same as paper!” I protested. Read More »