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Trends Sadness

The news caught my eye on Mon­day morn­ing. Maybe it is because we are trav­el­ers, maybe it is because we were going to fly from Rio de Janeiro to Paris a just few months ago (we even­tu­ally bused back to Buenos Aires), or maybe it is because it was an Air France flight.

Trends It's Okay Not To Believe

To me, going door to door try­ing to explain peo­ple they are going to hell is about as use­less as a tele­mar­keter who is call­ing at 11:00 pm to sell AIG stocks. How does shov­ing your beliefs in my face is going to make the world a bet­ter place?

Trends Glued To The Screen...

Until now, I had always kind of avoided med­ical dra­mas. First of all, close-up of a brain surgery is not a great way to start your din­ner, and sec­ond, well, it’s too much drama.

Trends One Way - Road Closed

This is my last week of work at school, and I’m fac­ing what is per­haps my most tricky mis­sion so far.
I arrived Mon­day morn­ing won­der­ing how to deal with the whole sit­u­a­tion. How much French could I teach in three days, and how will­ing would the employ­ees be to learn? How would they han­dled the fact that they were los­ing their jobs?

Trends In The Shadow

Early Octo­ber, my cell phone buzzed dur­ing one of my class. I checked the num­ber at the break: 905−297−4280. Didn’t know the num­ber and besides, the call was from Toronto. No mes­sage left. I quickly for­got about it.

Trends Canadian News

A very bizarre and tragic event took place in Canada last week. A Grey­hound pas­sen­ger, trav­el­ing from Edmon­ton to Win­nipeg, was bru­tally mur­dered and beheaded by another pas­sen­ger. This ran­dom mur­der have left the coun­try in shock.

Trends Zen...

I’m a small-time player. Or so said the last tele­mar­keter who called to offer me a $10,000 Amex credit card. I gasped when I heard the fig­ure. “But I don’t make that much money”, I naively admit­ted. “That’s why you should be inter­ested in a higher limit credit card, ma’am. This is Canada”, he added, in his heav­ily Cantonese-accented English.

Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys Champs Élysées from The Arc de Triomphe

Paris, the Champs-Élysées, on a chilly after­noon, about a month ago. We were walk­ing down the broad avenue when we sud­denly found our­self drift­ing to avenue Montaigne.

Beijing 2008 The Bund, Shanghai

Some­thing has been both­er­ing me for a while now. Maybe it’s the one-sided view of the prob­lem. Maybe it’s because I feel we’re witch-hunting. Maybe it’s because I can’t take hypocrisy very well. or maybe I’ve just been brain­washed my the Chi­nese as my friends like to joke.

On The Road Stuck In A Moment

But my most mem­o­rable “wrong place / wrong time” expe­ri­ence took place in 2001. Most peo­ple remem­ber 9/11 very clearly. I remem­ber Octo­ber 7th, when the war started.

Just Blogging Things That Suck

Has any­one ever bought some­thing from a tele­mar­keter? Enlighten me! If some­one calls to ask if you need to replace your win­dows, what are the chances that are gonna go: “absolutely sir, that’s exactly what I was my wife and I were talk­ing about over diner when you called! Tell me, which num­bers do you need on my credit card?”

Trends The Amazing Race

His plat­form what some­what unclear but included the “No Child Left Behind Act” (“Rarely is the ques­tion asked, is our chil­dren learn­ing?”, he won­dered), no nation build­ing (“I don’t think our troops should be used for what’s called nation build­ing” as said in 2000), mak­ing rich peo­ple richer (“This is an impres­sive crowd. The haves and the have-mores. Some peo­ple call you the élite. I call you my base”, he declared).

Canadian Life Too Much

The vol­un­teer took a step back as he spoke, as if my Euro­peanism could jump on him. I decide to not men­tion that I spent quite a lot of time in malaria infected areas in Latin Amer­ica, and got my yel­low fever shot last minute in Panama’s remote coun­try­side in a local health center.

Trends Why Are We Scared?

I grew up with the tra­di­tional French dae­mons: fas­cism and glob­al­iza­tion. They were easy enough tar­gets, and fight­ing against them included chant­ing social­ist songs in demon­stra­tions, keep­ing an eye on the Front National — the French Nazi party — and watch­ing old French movies to thwart Hollywood’s plans to take on the world.

Canadian Life

The shop assis­tant (or the owner, cause as far as I know he is here from 6:00 am to 12:00 am) looks up at me and obvi­ously expects an answer. An Ara­bic lan­guage news­pa­per opened on the counter and no sign of him reach­ing for my cig­a­rettes tells me I’m in for a philo­soph­i­cal moment.

Canadian Life Maple Leaf

So, we (want) need immi­grants. Prefer­ably (young) not to old, (who won’t need any social help) edu­cated, and (white) who will blend in eas­ily. Oh, and (no ter­ror­ists) (prefer­ably Catholic ) — no really, we don’t mind.