Chinese Food (中国菜)

Eating 包子 (Baozi)

Eat­ing 包子 (Baozi)

Oh, Chi­nese food!

These are my per­sonal favorite: Bāozi (包子) and Bei­jing Duck (北京烤鸭). These two dishes are rel­a­tively unknown over­seas, where “Chi­nese food” is often a syn­o­mym of “Fried Rice”, “Chow Mien” and “Egg Foo Yung”… and other dishes that cater to West­ern taste and are every­thing but Chinese!

Bāozi (steamed filled buns) can be found in pretty much any restau­rant or food stall. It can be filled with veg­etable, meat, broth etc. We ate the best bāozi at a restau­rant called Goubuli (狗不理包子): the name lit­er­ally means, “Baozi that dogs ignore”! This is where I took the pictures.

The Baozi Kitchen

The Baozi Kitchen

Making Baozi

Mak­ing Baozi

Eating Out At Goubuli

Eat­ing Out At Goubuli

Two Baskets of Baozi, the Sauce and An Egg Soup

Two Bas­kets of Baozi, the Sauce and An Egg Soup

Duck Kitchen

Duck Kitchen

This is of course Beijing’s most famous dish: Bei­jing Duck (北京烤鸭). We ate ours at Quan­jude (全聚德), a famous local restaurant.

The duck was sliced in front of us. We ate the meat with steamed pan­cakes, onions and plum sauce.

Tea, Plum Sauce, Ginger and Onion

Tea, Plum Sauce, Gin­ger and Onion

Cutting The Duck

Cut­ting The Duck

Duck Skin and Sugar

Duck Skin and Sugar

Some Duck, Sauce, Onion on a Pancake

Some Duck, Sauce, Onion on a Pancake


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  1. Yum!!!

    I make a vari­a­tion on Peking Duck taught to me by an old boy-friend who was chi­nese. First course is the skin and pan­cakes dish, sec­ond is soup and third is the meat stir-fried with beansprouts. I havent made it for years as I’m too lazy to cook the duck myself and I cant get them here. But look­ing at your post has made me really hun­gry for it :)

    Pen­nys last great read…Le foot­ing!

  2. Dim Sum is just the best thing in the world!! The steamed buns are really con­sid­ered the mark of a good cook, they are rated on thier buns LOL! I have even made these filled with pork at home once. One of my best friends is Chi­nese and we have tried a lot of crazy stuff. Tonight as it would hap­pen we vis­ited one of her friends (also Chi­nese) and we ate home made fresh won tons.…oh my gosh they were to do for!!!

    DianeCAs last great read…Release party! I am published!

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