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Following Thursday’s post, Scar Tissue, I realized through your comments that many of you were also lost between two countries, two cultures, or even were considering making the big jump and moving abroad. As Beaverboosh, a Canadian now living in Norway, said: “Welcome to the ultimate expat club! You are a citizen of the world, do not take your responsibilities lightly, there are not that many of us!“.

I went through my feed and looked at how many of us were living abroad, immigrants or just travelers, and how many of us were promoting cultural understanding between people. And I suddenly felt among friends.

So, for you guys, I created the “Citizen Of The World” button/ award:

Citizen Of The World Button

So I’d like to award this button to some of my readers, whom I think are true “citizens of the world”. Each one should award it to other “citizens of the world”!

  • A Canadian In Norway, by Beaverboosh: this is a new addition to my feed! I started reading Beaverboosh’s adventures after he commented on my blog. From what I understood, he grew up in Ottawa and then looked for a warmer place. That’s why he ended up in Norway… no, wait a minute: must be another reason. Anyway, I enjoy reading about Nordic countries, I don’t know much about them!
  • A New Life In Canada, by Aiglee: Aiglee is a brave brave woman! From Venezuela, she has just moved to Toronto last week. I started reading her when she was preparing for the big jump (and boy, she was much more organized than I was!) and I’m looking forward to reading her first months in Canada.
  • I discovered this blog after Ammar, the owner, left a comment on my blog (see, commenting gets you somewhere!). He is a young guy who work in Dubai, and seem to know the Middle-East pretty well. This is a part of the world I’m interested in, and his comments and observation, as well as his open-mindedness is a bliss.
  • Through JoAnn Digital’s Eyes: JoAnn is Dutch, and she is an excellent photographer. I add her here because I truly enjoy seeing the world through her eye, and she travels quite a bit in Europe!
  • Curious Villager, by Tracy: I first met Tracy when she was on Blogspot, and she now has moved to her own domain. Tracy, who married a very nice guy from El Salvador, is curious about the world and traditions.
  • Johnada: this blog is still pretty new to me, but I had to add it on my list because I laugh some much reading his posts! An American in Canada, he compares both countries using a Tim Hortons rating system. Seriously, gotta read that!
  • Kung Fu Chewy, by Gary: Gary is American and lives in Hong Kong with his tai tai. He tries to learn Chinese, wonder about Hong Kong’s customs and man, I can understand him! I’ve been there…
  • La Belle Saison, by Princesse Écossaise: I’ve been reading this blog for a good nine months now! Princesse studied French in Scotland, and the rest is history… a French prince and many trips across the channel, this is Princesse’s daily life!
  • Max: Max is Portuguese and write each post in both English and Portuguese (and don’t stare at the Portuguese ones for five minutes trying to understand like I do every time!). Truly passionate about the world, Max observes, writes, makes us laugh and think.
  • My Spyderweb: Spyder grew up in Québec and moved to the USA later in life. A bit of both culture like me, she is proud of her French heritage!
  • One Man’s Travel Blog, by Graham: Although a true Englishman (no French irony here…) Graham is a traveler, open to cultures and differences. From simple stroll in his neighborhood to far far away destination, Graham takes us to beautiful places.
  • RennyBA’s Terella: I started reading Renny’s blog a couple of month ago, and got addicted almost right away. Renny is from Norway, and married an American woman. Passionate about his country, which I’m not that familiar with, he takes us to markets, travel in Europe and educate us about all kind of Nordic traditions. This guy is so sweet too… After I won a contest he organized, he actually sent me a troll all the way from Norway! (NB: the troll is adapting well and gets along just fine with my Winnie the Pooh)
  • The Rain In Spain, by Theresa: Theresa is Dutch, grew up in the USA and now lives in Spain. Her blog tells of her life and her kids, but always with a funny twist. Oh, and she has this nice template too!
  • Viva Forever, by Keshi: a young woman from Sri Lanka, Keshi now lives in Australia. Witty posts and funny observations about the world and people, Keshi always understands me when I talk about immigrant’s life.
  • Wapentake, by John: and finally, this is John, an Englishman not in NY but in Toronto. After living in a few places, he settled here with his family and talks about current issues, life in Canada and the world in general.

On a side note, I recently updated my illustrated blogroll (see “The World“). If I forgot you, if I butchered your blog’s name (spelling correctly after midnight is a challenge), please let me know.

Oh, and after over a year being ad-free, I decided to allow some capitalism on this blog… I’m still experimenting with Ad-sense and signed up with Project Wonderful, which is pretty cool. I try to keep the ads small and relevant, hope you guys understand (I’m a poor French in Canada blahblahblah).

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank you all: this blog is now a little bit over a year old and this is the 103th post (yeah, I know, I don’t do blogging anniversary…). The number of readers has gone up quite a bit lately and I’m flattered. French are vain, ya know. When I started blogging, I was still struggling with my English and I really didn’t think I could ever enjoy it that much. Blogspot was a first step, than self-hosted WordPress… I loved designing my template and each post is a true pleasure to write now. So thanks for reading, thanks for being here and… nope, that’s it!


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. What an honor to be listed and awarded among all your wonderful blogger friends – I feel flattered. Give me some time and I’ll think of something to return the favor.

    Glad your Norwegian Troll has arrived then and I’m sure he gets along very well with your family and Winnie the Pooh!

    Btw: Its passed midnight here in Norway now, so I can assure you there will be a new Monday coming up soon at your place too 🙂

    RennyBA’s last blog post..Yule Market in Oslo

  2. ty my darling! U deserve the TOP award for identifying each and everyone of us so well. U really r very observant.

    ** Keshi always understands me when I talk about immigrant’s life.

    hehe arent we all immigrants on this Earth anyways 😉

    tnxx again and I love ya Zhu!

  3. Seriously, this is super cool. I really just started my blog to entertain myself while looking for a job. It makes me happy that other people enjoy reading. It’s a great honour to be a “Citizen of the World”, especially for an American.


    Johnada’s last blog post..BAG O’ MILK

  4. oh great! thanks 😀 do we win any money????

    ok just kidding 🙂 im not actually working in dubai… i used to be (where i studied also), then worked in bahrain, then Boston, and now im back in bahrain… previous to that i was living in london, and california, and for a while in kuwait, and so on. does that make my life interesting enough to win a cash prize? 🙂

    thanks again 😀

  5. I’m enjoying the commentary about your Canadian experience. I love Canada (and yes, I have lived outside of the country and enjoyed my time then but there is something about coming back to Northern Ontario and just feeling that you are “home”).

    Thanks for visiting my NorthBayPhoto blog. To answer your question: no skating on Lake Nipissing (at least not at the waterfront since the area is too open and so too much wind & cold).

    NorthBayPhoto’s last blog post..North Bay Marina (Winter)

  6. Zhu darling,
    Tu es tres gentils!
    What a world class community of global citizens… well except for Johnada… effin heck he’s from Chicago … but I am very fond of him!
    Using the Horton index computational method provided on Johnada’s blog, you have come in at a whopping 29.11 Hortons, by Beaverboosh’s calculations! Well done!

    Beaverboosh’s last blog post..I Ski Do

  7. Wow, thanks for that neat button. I’m technically not Dutch, meaning I’ve never had citizenship, but my family is, so I guess that counts. I’ve never really figured it out. Now I have to see if my iffy internet connection lets me get a post up about this, since it is giving me some real headaches today. And when I’m done, I will go running off to check out the rest of these interesting people you’ve introduced us to.

    Theresa’s last blog post..Please Don’t Pinch the Plumber

  8. RennyBA: thank you so much for the troll! It arrived safely Friday, I just didn’t have a minute to write to you (you know how demanding trolls can be at first…). I have to take care of you (some Canadiana on the way) this week… I’m so slow these days, I blame it on the cold!

    Froggiewoogie: but you do have the international spirit, which is the most important!

    Spyder: de rien ma belle, ça me fait plaisir!

    Johnada: you’re very welcome! I found your blog cause you linked to me (see, that was a smart move!) and liked it right away. Good luck to find a job… which field are you in?

    Keshi: you’re very welcome! I remember, some of your comments were very smart when I wrote about being an immigrant somewhere…

    Ghosty: I know… 😉

    Shantanu: It’s good if you can discover new blogs this way! I knew I was making a mistake! I read your about me like three times yesterday trying to get the facts right but let’s be honest, my Middle East geography isn’t that good 😆

    No money, but fame in my blog… isn’t this great?

    Kyh: thanks 😉 I try to be honest in my post, and I guess it shows… which is good!

    Chen: I know, it’s great! I don’t know any of you guys yet in real life, but I’d live to meet one day!

    Aiglee: hope the breakfast was good 😉 Glad you liked it!

    Art: I like open-minded Americans, you guys are the best!

    NorthBayPhoto: Thanks! Canada is a fascinating country… and I feel good here, welcomed and loved. So fits me! 😉

    Theresa: it counts 😉 Glad you liked it!

    Beaverboosh: wow, I can’t believe I got a French sentence and such an high Hortons rating! So lucky! 😉

    Jay Cam: I’ll have a look at it tonight!

  9. Where is this button going to be? When can I press it? Does it make a sound if I do?

    I don’t wanna be pressing the wrong buttons, u know? 😛

  10. Zhu, thanks a lot for introducing all these interesting blogs and from what i read on yours sofar i truly think you are a world citizen !
    apart from that you’re giving me an insight on a beautiful country i would love to visit once.
    o yes, and while i am sucking up; also LOVE your blogdesign. I am too much of a chicken to redesign mine and the thought of doing all my links and archive stuff again holds me back, so hooray for anyone who dares.

    dutchie’s last blog post..Bob Marley

  11. you’re really popular!

    i love the button idea.

    I like the capitalism a little…i’ll make sure to keep my eye out for the adsense, you never know when something interesting pops up.


    sir jorge’s last blog post..Sleep, Work, Rest, Repeat

  12. Niiiice!!! Does this mean I can stop carrying that piece of paper from Canadian Immigration with me every time I want to enter Canada that says, oddly enough, that it’s okay for me to enter Canada (true story)????? Probably not.

    Well, thanks just the same. You always have a place to crash here in the Kong 🙂

    Gary’s last blog post..In which Hefty Dirigible makes a triumphant return

  13. Hi 😉 Zhu.
    When looking at your comments I did not find my “THANKYOU” note, but I did Thank you!!!!! Why is your blog not accepting sometimes my comments? I say it again that YOU are such a nice girl, I am so glad I found your blog, its very interesting to read and follow your new life in Ottawa, I told you before that my cousin is living in Ottawa too, since September. But she is not telling me her do’s and don’ts lik you do ( about Ottawa and Canada life I mean) And thats what is intersting meYOUR life and I like to share and look with YOU through your eyes, to your area. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog!

    Take care my dear,and enjoy your life:) ❗
    Greetings from a dutch girl named JOANN 🙂

    Thtough joAnn’s digital eyes, from Holland,’s last blog post..Bridge in winter…

  14. Hi Zhu

    so! You know some Chinese!

    I just put 団子 “dango” (dumplings) which is a Japanese word through the Chinese to English part of google translate and got “party boy”!

    True, even in Japanese 子 “ko” means “child”. But dango would be the “on” (Chinese) reading. Each kanji character in Japanese has a kun (Japanese) and on (Chinese) (based on Chinese phonetics at the time of borrowing) reading… hmmm very complexicated!!

    Gledwood’s last blog post..Pre-Dumplings Posting

  15. Zhu,

    …Je suis émue :)! Merci beaucoup 😀 !
    This award is one of the most precious awards I have received up-to-date: thanks again *tender face*! Tu es une artiste!!

    By the way: I tried to email you, but yahoo said that that account didn’t exist 😯 !

    Now, I think I am blushing…I have to go…
    But before I do: your other citizens of the world are incredible, I shall visit them :).


    Max Coutinho’s last blog post..Qual cor tradisti?

  16. :mrgreen: Thanks, Zhu! This was really nice 🙂 I’ve already posted it on my blog and passed it on.

    Your blog is interesting and inspiring as usual. I hope I’ll be able to stop by more often from now on. I’ve been busy the past few months moving blogs to their own domain. Whew!

    Tee’s last blog post..Citizen of the World

  17. Itelli: press it if you dare, but I’m not liable! 😆

    Dutchie: thanks! I had so much fun doing my blog design… it’s relaxing for me, I do a little bit at the time on Photoshop 😉 I appreciate the praise!

    Keshi: maybe 😆 Liked reading the post though!

    Sir Jorge: I recommend you to try Project Wonderful (no, it’s not a referral) they have been quite good to me… better than Adsense. I’ll keep an eye on yours too, sometimes they are interesting 😉

    Gary: I’m sorry, I think it hasn’t been approved by Canadian customs yet…! I’d love to go to HK again, I love visiting there. Living, no, but visiting I’d do it again anytime.

    Cheerfulday: I’m reading your blog right now!

    JoAnn: glad you liked that award! I do get your comments, the only thing is that WordPress moderates them for some reason. So you only need to send them once, and only I can read them. Of course, I approve them right away! Not sure why yours are moderated… mystery to me! I usually only moderate first time commenters because of spam. Sorry about that!

    Glendwood: “dumplings” are “饺子” (jiaozi). 子 (zi) also means “son” (kanji), like in 男子 (boy) or 女子 (girl) 😉

    Max: you’re very welcome! You deserved it for open-mindeness 😉 That’s weird my email didn’t work… maybe a Yahoo bug???

    Tee: I know… moving from Blogger took me forever too! I like to see you around, dear citizen of the world, I like your insights 😉

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