Exploring Florida as a Solo Traveller

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With its multitude of theme parks, nature reserves and balmy weather, Florida has long been a mecca for families. However, it’s also a superb destination for solo travellers. If you’re keen to explore this steamy peninsula, take a look at these top travel tips.

Hire A Car To Get Around

First and foremost, note that it pays off to have a car. If you’re flying into the state, it’s well worth hiring one. Driving is by far the best way to get around on Florida holidays because even in the cities, public transport options can be a little limited. There are plenty of hire companies dotted around, but for peace of mind it’s best to book your wheels in advance.

Check Out The Flora And Fauna

Away from its bright lights and wild rides, the state boasts some stunning flora and fauna. If you fancy getting away from civilisation, take a trip to the wetlands south of Orlando. One of the best ways to experience this network of waterways is by airboat and you can book yourself on special boat rides that traverse this intriguing landscape. Look out for the famous Florida gators and the array of birds. You might also have a chance to see turtles, frogs and an array of reptiles.

Another highlight is the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge. Situated near Cape Canaveral, this protected area is in pristine condition. Covering 220 square miles, it contains around 500 species of wildlife, including bald eagles, manatees and the Florida scrub jay.

Visit The Museums And Galleries

Of course, no trip to this part of the world would be complete without seeing the Kennedy Space Center. Also based on Merritt Island, it is home to an array of fascinating exhibits. For example, you’ll get to walk beneath the scorched fuselage of a space shuttle that completed an impressive 33 missions. There are also IMAX films that detail the science involved in space travel.

It’s worth adding the Salvador Dalí Museum to your travel itinerary too. Located in St Petersburg, this gallery displays a selection of the artist’s work, along with interesting facts to accompany them. There’s also a garden and a special ‘contemplation area’ to enjoy.

Stay safe

Florida is a safe holiday destination, but as with any trip as a solo traveller, it’s important to be security conscious when you’re enjoying vacations there. One top tip is to do plenty of research before you go so that you know what you’re doing. Also, try to book as much of your accommodation as possible in advance.

As long as you plan your trip carefully, your Florida adventure should be a resounding success.

Photo by Ricardo Mangual.


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