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Looks like I devel­oped an addic­tion for witty, cool or cute tees! Oh well…. some women col­lect shoes, I have a closet full of orig­i­nal designer t-shirts. There are worse things in life, right?

I must admit this “Bag­gins Fam­ily Jew­el­ers” design from Five Fin­ger Tees caught my eye and made me smile. This “movie shirt” is inspired by the famous Lord of the Rings tril­ogy, and fea­tures the “One Ring” and the tagline “Bag­gins Fam­ily Jew­el­ers: The largest selec­tion of pre­cious jew­elry in Mid­dle Earth.” It also has the famous line sup­pos­edly inscribed on the ring: “One Ring to rule them all.”

Pop cul­ture at its best—I couldn’t resist. Two min­utes after spot­ting the tee on Day of the Shirt, I was shop­ping at Five Fin­ger Tees, a com­pany that spe­cial­izes in funny tees.

I must admit the company’s web­site was a bit dis­con­cert­ing at first. I found it less professional-looking than its com­peti­tors and the design isn’t very pol­ished. Appar­ently, the com­pany started in 2009 and is family-owned and oper­ated, which may explain why the web­site has a slightly “low bud­get” feel. It also both­ered me that no credit is given to who­ever came out with the design of the tee. There is very lit­tle back­ground info about the idea, only a sort descrip­tion is available:

Shortly after Frodo’s grand adven­ture he decides to ful­fill his pas­sion for pre­cious trea­sures and opens a jew­elry store in the Shire. Stores in Bree & Riven­dell com­ing soon! Image is slightly distressed.

I decided to give Five Fin­ger Tees a chance anyway.

I picked a “Women Size Small” in the colour “Hunter”. The tee was $8.99 ($9.49 with tax) and ship­ping to Canada from the US was a whop­ping $10.99. I found a “five per­cent off” coupon on Retail Me Not which brought my total to $20.01.

I used my Yahoo ID to reg­is­ter on the web­site and pay­ment was made by Pay­pal through Yahoo! Mer­chant Solu­tions. The process was straight­for­ward and easy, and I received an order con­fir­ma­tion and invoice by email shortly after ordering.

I ordered the tee on May 15 and received it by reg­u­lar inter­na­tional mail on May 30, well within the planned 5–12 deliv­ery time­line. Good job on that one!

The plas­tic envelop con­tained the tee and an invoice—no coupon, no fancy “thank you”. I was a lit­tle bit dis­ap­pointed by the colour of the tee—I was expect­ing the tee to be grey but “hunter” turned out to be green (which kind of makes sense actu­ally…). Nonethe­less the colours dis­played on the web­site are not very accu­rate. If I had known that, I would have ordered another colour.

The mate­r­ial used is nice though, and the cot­ton is thick enough—good qual­ity here. I put the tee in the wash­ing machine—I have a baby, I ain’t wash­ing laun­dry by hand!—and the design didn’t fade at all.

Over­all, I like the tee even though I am not crazy about the colour. Would I order from Five Fin­ger Tees again? Maybe. Their tees are well-priced but ship­ping to Canada is way too high.

Baggins Family Jewelers Tee

Bag­gins Fam­ily Jew­el­ers Tee


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