March & Five Months… In Numbers!

20 Weeks and 3 Days

20 Weeks and 3 Days

Mark turned five months on March 12 and I got a few more white hair to match the snowy land­scape outside—we got a lot of snow lately.

Like every month around the twelfth, I real­ize with amaze­ment that Mark is four weeks older. Time does fly even though it feels like win­ter will never end.

We noticed a lot of changes since last month. His hand-eye coör­di­na­tion is much bet­ter and he can grab any object (includ­ing my hair, a favourite of his) with both hands. He loves play­ing with colour­ful toys and pulls them hard, so hard they some­time fall on him. The strength of babies is amazing!

Although he still can’t seat alone with­out sup­port, his pos­ture is much bet­ter and he mas­tered the “look I’m sit­ting… and now I’m rolling onto my side and onto my tummy!” very well. He loves tummy time and does mini push-ups on his arms, and seems close to be crawling.

Mark is very play­ful and loves grab­bing blan­kets, sheets, tow­els, sleeves and suck­ing on them. It’s like we are not feed­ing him or some­thing… and boy, trust me, he does eat! Gone is the small 6 pounds baby we brought back from the hos­pi­tal. Last month, at the pedi­a­tri­cian checkup, he was 62 cen­time­ters tall and  weighed 6.7 kilos!

He is very curi­ous and loves look­ing around him. He fol­lows every­thing and every­one, and even laughs at my lamest jokes. He smiles a lot and enjoys the atten­tion he gets—and boy, he needs atten­tion like a Chi­nese lit­tle emperor!

How­ever, he sud­denly became very shy with other peo­ple. For the first three months, he loved being car­ried and didn’t really care who was hold­ing him. Now he screams on top of his lungs each time my in-laws hold him and stops as soon as I take him back. It’s like press­ing on an on/off button!

So, after month one, month two, month three and month four, here is month five… in numbers!

Clothes that are too small: Ahem… all his one­sies. I have to buy new ones, the 0–3 month we have are way too tight. He also out­grew his pyja­mas and quite a few t-shirts with his Buddha-like belly. But he has lots of clothes and my mum just sent a few out­fit de France.

Num­ber of times he peed on me: Twice this month. Good aim and good tim­ing too: right on the pair of jeans I had just washed!

Num­ber of times he was sick: Once. He got a cold, and then we all got it. Babies are small but lethal weapons of mass destruction—he recov­ered faster than we did!

Num­ber of vac­cines received: Two shots and one oral vac­ci­na­tion (DTaP, Hib, IPV, PCV and Rota). We fol­low the rec­om­mended immu­niza­tion sched­ule (i.e. I’m not of these lunatics who think vac­ci­na­tion give AIDS of what­ever BS). Funny, he hated the oral vac­cine (tastes yucky?) but didn’t cry for the shots—I was dis­tract­ing him and he was laugh­ing! Great, maybe he will get his first tat­too at twelve if he doesn’t develop a fear of needles…!

Num­ber of hol­i­days cel­e­brated: One, Chi­nese New Year. He was wear­ing red and proudly held the “happy New Year” sign I made to mark the end of the Year of the Dragon. Next year, he will be eat­ing jiaozi with us!

Num­ber of fin­gers grabbed and sucked on a daily basis: Twenty, his and mine. Because ten just isn’t enough apparently.

Num­ber of baths given: About twenty. I usu­ally give him a bath every other day but I did it every day when he had a cold since the steam and hot water seemed to help. We can­not bath him in the sink any­more, he is way too big, so I use a small baby bath­tub. He was scared at first but now enjoys splash­ing water everywhere—by the time we are done it’s like we both took a bath.

Num­ber of hair­cut: One! Mark has a lot of hair and it was get­ting quite long so I cut the ends myself. Turned out pretty good actu­ally! He has my hair tex­ture so it wasn’t too dif­fi­cult. I wouldn’t know how to cut “true” Asian hair.

Num­ber of smiles: Thou­sands to mommy and daddy. Makes it up for the cranky days!


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  1. Hi Zhu,
    Wow, that boy is grow­ing up fast! I hear about the rou­tine vac­cines and I remem­ber what my Dad said about his kids ” I am so grate­ful that you are all healthy”. That is the main thing; healthy and happy!!

    Bises :)

  2. When my cousin was about 3 to 6 months old and suck­ing his fin­gers, we’d put socks on his hands. Except then he man­aged to suck his toes (oh the flex­i­bil­ity). Even­tu­ally, we got socks on his hands and feet 😀

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