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Mark Enjoying a Pain aux Raisins

Mark Enjoying a Pain aux Raisins

We packed and packed some more. We made sure Mark was tagging along (I don’t trust him in a remake of “Home Alone”) and we left Ottawa.

First, we had to take the Greyhound from Ottawa to Montreal. The two-hour trip turned into a longer journey as the bus was delayed by construction, but Mark and I both slept so it went by pretty fast.

Once at Trudeau Airport, we had to rush: it was past 5 p.m. and our flight was at 7:20 p.m.

“Is that a baby?” a security employee asked, spotting Mark in the stroller.

No, I actually carry an amazing human-looking zucchini in a stroller.

Of course, I didn’t say that. “Oui oui,” I replied. We were then directed to the “family” lineup. You’d think this lineup is more efficient but I have this theory that airport employees pack all the kids and parents in a special lineup so that other passengers don’t have to deal with whiny little ones. Fortunately, Mark was fairly well behaved despite the long wait time.

Airport security is complete bullshit. I doubt it’s even efficient: employees see so many bags and so many people that I don’t think they can spot issues. Nonetheless, we had to empty the stroller, have it checked, have Mark through the security door, take off our shoes, etc.

By the time we made it at Gate 58, the flight was already boarding. Our seats were at the back, in the middle row. The third passenger was a young teen traveling alone and she didn’t mind Mark (she didn’t mind anything, she was glued to her iPad for the entire flight).

I sat Mark on my lap, begging him to be quiet. I wasn’t sure how he was going to react: being in an enclosed space without being able to run around is his idea of hell. He was fine the last three times we flew but he was young. Basically, I was hoping he wouldn’t spot “Ganashes” in the plane.

He didn’t. He laughed when we took off and just sat there, staring at other passengers. I was hoping he would sleep but Air Transat apparently doesn’t want passengers to sleep on the overnight flight: first there was drink service, then the meal service, then duty free offers, etc. and bright neon lights were on for the first four hours of the flight. We were “allowed” to sleep a couple of hours, then the loudspeaker announced we would land “shortly”.

Air Transat’s seats are very small and we were packed tight. Mark didn’t sleep but he didn’t move much either, he just relaxed on my chest. I wouldn’t say the trip was enjoyable but we survived and all in all, it went by pretty fast.

We landed in Nantes (this was a direct Montreal-Nantes) flight, went through immigration, picked up the bags and were greeted by my dad.

France, here we are!

You can see the complete set of pictures taken in France on Flickr.

Peanut Butter from the Jar Before Leaving Ottawa

Peanut Butter from the Jar Before Leaving Ottawa

Ottawa Greyhound Station

Ottawa Greyhound Station

Ottawa Greyhound Station

Ottawa Greyhound Station

In the Greyhound

In the Greyhound

In Nantes

In Nantes


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  1. Martin Penwald on

    A few monthes ago, in Edmonton airport, a guy going to Mexico forgot ( ? ) he had a bomb in his bag. But at the security check, the officer was ready to give him back. The guy leave it there, and the RCMP notices the bomb among the others objects left at airport only 4 days later.

    This kind of artisanal bomb is made of a tube of PVC and a mix of metal and chemicals inside, with 2 wires to detonate the thing.

    Greyhound has a stop in the PET airport ? It’s very convenient. I miss a plane (10 minutes only after the end of registration. Gngngnnn) because it is really difficult to go from the Bonaventure station in Montréal to the airport without taking a cab.

    • The Ottawa – PET Greyhound line is pretty awesome because it doesn’t go through downtown Montreal, it’s just freeway and it’s usually pretty efficient and quick. Well, except that time but we weren’t even that late.

      I always have lighters with me and sometime I have to throw them away, sometime not. You can never tell.

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