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Historic Nantes

View Of Nantes

View Of Nantes

Nantes was pretty lucky dur­ing World War II: unlike a lot of French cities, it wasn’t totally destroyed by bomb­ings. The city still has a rich her­itage, dat­ing right back to the Gallo-Roman period.

The medieval area is the Bouf­fay, with the Cas­tle of the Duchy of Brit­tany and the many old build­ings sur­round­ing it. The 18th Cen­tury was the golden era for the city (slave trade…), and a lot was built dur­ing this time, notably Place Royale and Place Graslin. Later in his­tory, Nantes was also an indus­trial city in the era of the first naval ship­yards: the LU Tower is a reminder of that time.

Château Des Ducs De Bretagne

Château Des Ducs De Bretagne

Château Des Ducs De Bretagne

Château Des Ducs De Bretagne

Cathédrale De Nantes

Cathé­drale De Nantes

Basilique Saint-Nicolas

Basilique Saint-Nicolas

From Inside The Castle

From Inside The Castle

Passage Pommeraye

Pas­sage Pommeraye

Inside The Castle

Inside The Castle

LU Tower (Former Cookies Factory)

LU Tower (For­mer Cook­ies Factory)

Along The Erdre

Along The Erdre

Along The Loire

Along The Loire


  1. it looks like a beau­ti­ful and clean city, with much care in small details. i love the château des ducks, with the moat and the walkway/grass around it. it looks like the per­fect place to have a picnic.

  2. What, they got rid of the Cook­ies Fac­tory?!? Did they replace it with an ice cream fac­tory? I hope so!

  3. @Bill Miller — Nantes is old, quite old. I will have to do researches but I know it goes as far back as the 15th century.

    @Agnes — It’s a nice city to visit, that’s right!

    @Bluefish — Well, it’s a dif­fer­ent kind of pretty. But because I grew up there, I found Ottawa fas­ci­nat­ing by com­par­i­son when I came to North America.

    @RennyBA — Sorry, no Nor­way for us right now… we just came to visit my fam­ily in France! But I’d love to come to visit Europe more some day.

    @bumanguesa — Merci beaucoup! :-)

    @renaye — France is easy for me because I have free accommodation :-)

    @Sidney — It is worth a stop!

    @khengsiong — Not as pop­u­lar as Paris, but it is a gate­way for Brit­tany and even Nor­mandy. And it’s only 2 hours by train from Paris.

    @Gary — I need to ask the local tourism board to pay me! :lol:

    @Tanya — Too bad it closed… I used to visit the fac­tory every year when I was a kid, school would take us there.

    @Seraphine — It’s pretty clean and nice to live in. Just a bit small to live all your life there in my opinion.

    @Gail at Large — Not even! It’s a bar and a Spa now. I liked the cook­ies best…!

  4. Looks like a beau­ti­ful place to live.

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