Hockey Day In Canada


What’s more Cana­dian than hockey? And what’s more Cana­dian than going to play out­side in sub­zero temperatures?

Last Sat­ur­day, Hockey Day In Canada took place through­out the coun­try. You basi­cally had two option: 1) the lazy option, which was to watch the triple­header of NHL action fea­tur­ing the six Cana­dian teams on T.V 2) the brave option, which was to take your gear and go play hockey in the street.

In Ottawa, peo­ple hit the out­door skat­ing rinks, located in com­mu­nity cen­ters and parks. The weather was beau­ti­ful (read: sunny) but it was also one of the cold­est day of the year, with an aver­age of — 30C. In case you are not famil­iar with these kinds of tem­per­a­ture, I’d trans­late that to you as “can not stand out­side more than ten min­utes with­out freez­ing to death”.

Enjoy the pic­ture of Canada’s beloved sport: I froze my fin­gers for them! You can see the full set of pic­tures here.

Hockey Bus on the Freeway

Hockey Sticks

Ready To Shoot

On Break

Got The Puck

Fight­ing For The Puck


Train­ing To Shot

Train­ing To Shot

Big Goalie

Lit­tle Goalie



Hockey Hel­met


Run­ning on Ice (For when you don’t have skates…?)


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  1. @London Caller — No, peo­ple don’t play curl­ing in France… I had never heard of the sport till I moved to Canada! And it’s not that big in Ontario either actually.

    @Breigh — I was a lot of fun. I don’t get to see too many peo­ple play hockey, although you do always spot a few peo­ple back from a game, car­ry­ing a stick in the bus.

    @RennyBA’s Terella — It was a strug­gle though! We drove to dif­fer­ent places in the city to take the pic­tures and I wouldn’t have been able to stay long at each loca­tion, espe­cially the ones by the river because it got so windy. –15C I can handle :-)

    @Adrian — Thank you! I don’t know how they did it… I was so cold just tak­ing the pictures!

    @Khengsiong — Yes, espe­cially in Ottawa because we have free out­doors stak­ing rink.

    @Beth — You just have some com­mon sense — it was very cold!

    @Sidney — Thank you :-)

    @micki — I loved these two girls, they were so funny!

    @London Caller —

    @Seb — You bet he does — Cana­dian goalie are trained to look mean 😆

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