Holiday Highs — Where to Seek Adrenalin-Pumping Action Abroad


For those thrill seekers, the standard trip to a serene sandy beach will never be enough. If the adrenaline rush is a must on any vacation itinerary, there is literally a whole globe of possibilities out there. You can get your kicks out on the slopes as part of your catered chalet ski holidays, or you can go out in a cage, go to see sharks, go canyoning… the world just offers no end of thrills and spills. Here are a few options to fire up the imagination:

Starting at the bottom

New Zealand may be located at the bottom of the globe, but it certainly rises to any adrenaline-filled occasion. Skiing or snowboarding the glistening slopes of its South Island provides a fabulous landscape. An added bonus is a ski season that can stretch from early June to mid-October. If this isn’t enough to satisfy the wildest daredevil, then it is worth remembering that New Zealand is the home of A.J. Hackett who in 1988 took the first commercial 141-foot plunge from the Kawarau Bridge attached to a bungee cord. Since then the stakes have been upped substantially, with challenges sculpted from pure adrenaline awaiting the bravest thrill seekers.

Just a short plane ride away is a nation where even the toddlers are beginning to thrive on adrenaline. If a BBC sports report of February 2014 can be believed, then Australians as young as two-years-old are taking to BMX biking, skateboarding and even rock climbing as safety standards improve. How are Australian dads then continuing to impress the kids? Extreme cage diving seems to be one way of remaining in a tenuous lead for now. Try fighting off a tiger shark with only a birdcage as protection and those adrenaline pumps will be hard-pressed to keep up, as a 27-year-old Australian daredevil recently found out. Not everyone hurls such a flimsy challenge at these underwater rulers though and professionals do offer sturdier cages in which adrenaline junkies can invade their space.

Rising way above our station

The title of ultimate daredevil must surely go to the Austrian, Felix Baumgartner, who broke the sound barrier along with a host of records with his spectacular jump from space. Austrians are well acquainted with the adrenaline rush sought by thrill seekers and provide ample opportunities to experience a heart-stopping moment. The raw natural beauty of the country’s landscape adds greatly to its appeal for the adventurous. Canyoning provides exactly the type of challenge sought by those who enjoy having to periodically kick-start their hearts. The level of difficulty and, so, the amount of adrenaline expended is directly related to the manner in which travelers explore these mountain canyons. Abseiling, climbing or swimming are only a few methods of exploring the waterfalls and rugged gorges of these regions. But if not that provides enough thrills and spills, you can always hit the ski slopes!

Whether thrill seekers wish to explore the world beneath the waves or traverse the heavens, there are those waiting to turn these dreams into a stupendous reality. Remaining on terra firma offers an overwhelming abundance of heart-stopping opportunities that will test the pumping ability of the adrenal gland and allow ample highs on holiday.


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