How to Prepare for a Last-Minute, Stress-Free Vacation


Last minute holidays are one of the most popular ways to get low cost flights and accommodation at drastically reduced prices. You can jet off to wherever you like but getting organized quickly is the price you will pay for the lower rates.

Arranging a late deal holiday shouldn’t be too much of a problem for those on a flexible schedule. This task is nowhere near as daunting as you imagine and if you keep it simple you can avoid any major headaches later on.

Booking the vacation

Most people now book their vacation online because it’s the most convenient way to search for a wide range of late deals.

One of the major bonuses of living in one of the larger Canadian cities is the easy access to an international airport. A major airport means a wider range of destinations and flight options via domestic and international airlines; this leads to lower prices across a choice of competing airlines. You should be able to easily research your options online and find a destination to suit your taste and budget in just a couple of hours.

Organizing your travel arrangements

It goes without saying that you probably won’t be able to book a vacation abroad without a passport but a visa is a different matter.

If you’re using a travel agent then they should be able to tell you whether or not you require a visa for your intended destination. If you’re booking online then you may have to check yourself to see if a visa is required. The good news is that many countries now operate an online vacation visa process that takes just 15 minutes to complete.

Also remember to check up on any vaccinations that are needed for your intended destination. This also applies to any medicines you will need whilst on holiday as these items may be difficult to find once abroad.

Streamline the airport process

If you’re fortunate to live in one of the major Canadian cities then the task of travelling miles into the city to the airport is already eliminated.

Before you leave for the airport make sure you have everything you need – passports, traveller’s cash, keys, identification, flight printouts and reservations. The airport security process is time consuming but it can’t be avoided, so ensure you know what is expected of you regarding checked luggage and carry-on baggage. Being fully prepared on the latest airport procedures is part of being organized and will help to ensure things run efficiently.

When you’re booking a last minute trip, remember to take the time to make the adequate preparations; keep things simple, check your passport is in date, make sure you know if you need a visa for your chosen destination, and you will arrive at the airport ready to start your much-needed vacation!


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