Increased Air Travel Results in Greater Investment in 2016

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Airbus A380 in Iqaluit

Airbus A380 in Iqaluit

Towards the end of 2015, the Journal of Commerce reported that Western Canada would see significant investment in a series of its airports due to increasing air travel.

“Billions of dollars are being poured into upgrading airports in Western Canada,” wrote travel journalist Jean Sorenson. The developments mean that the construction industry will also benefit greatly from the work as they will look to “expand cargo facilities, improve terminals and parking facilities” across the Western part of the country.

One airport that will undergo a serious amount of work is Calgary International Airport. The airport will receive $2 billion in investment to go towards runway expansions as well as some upgrades to its terminals. Additionally, Iqaluit International Airport (main picture) will replace the aging “1940s air force airport at Frobisher Bay.” The $300 new airport will be Nunavut’s main airport and will include “a new airport building, aprons for planes to park, lighting systems, runways, and a new combined-services building” with completion expected to be in September 2017.

CBC News stated that air travel in Canada rose by a staggering 25% last year (2015). With the price of fuel going down this had positively impacted the aviation industry. However, it’s not just Canada that has seen an increase in air travel. The UK has also seen unrivalled numbers of people visiting London in the last two years according to Events Reel. London’s main airport, Heathrow is now the third busiest in the world according to Parking4Less a company that operates from the airport. The parking price comparison site also notes that Heathrow welcomes people from 170 destinations across the world on a daily basis, which has contributed to the increase in tourism. Like Western Canadian airports, Heathrow has also seen huge investments when it saw a $3 billion overhaul of its Terminal 2, which was completed in 2014 as reported by the BBC.

As the aviation industry continues to post record profits across the board, Canada and the rest of the world are trying to invest heavily to continue the positive revenues the industry has been experiencing of late.

The full list of airports in Western Canada set for development beginning this year that were listed on the Journal of Commerce include:

  • Fort McMurray
  • Kelowna Airport
  • Calgary International Airport
  • Terrace’s Northwest Regional Airport
  • Brandon Municipal Airport
  • Prince George Airport
  • Victoria Airport
  • Powell River Municipal Airport
  • Vancouver International Airport

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