Inukshuks On The Ottawa River

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Remic Rapids, on the Ottawa River, is home to an original artistic project: the “art of balance”, by local artist John Ceprano.

Every year, John creates beautiful sculptures, placing stones one of top of the other. They are similar to the traditional Inuit symbols: the inukshuks. And every year, as the water rises and winter begins, the ice naturally dismantles the art.

Everything is perfectly balanced, and no tool is used to create the sculptures. Pretty unique, isn’t it?

Inukshuk Inukshuk
Inukshuk Inukshuk
Inukshuk Inukshuk
Inukshuk Inukshuk
Inukshuk Inukshuk
Inukshuk Inukshuk


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  1. this is interesting. i love how artistic they can be… people here are so boring that i don’t think i’ll have the chance to see them doing these artworks in public, lol!

  2. Oh, these are so beautiful and simple. And innovative as well. Never seen such beauty before.
    I absolutely fell in love with these. 🙂
    .-= Cuckoo´s last blog ..Great Wall of Mumbai =-.

  3. @Bluefish – Just balancing rocks! I know, it’s amazing… I wouldn’t have the patience!

    @kyh – Really? Canadian artists are pretty inventive, I can’t complain.

    @Beth – Did you make yours?

    @Agnes – Thank you!

    @Tulsa Gentleman – I also like the idea that you can build beautiful things with very little…

    @priyank – I love it too! First time I got to see so many.

    @Cuckoo – I’d offer to ship you one but they may be heavy 😆

    @Lis of the North – It is pretty unique, all his work is beautiful.

    @Scarlet – That would be original! Scarlet, bringing the North to Miami… your new tagline 😆

    @Brenda – Have you seen some in Toronto?

    @silverneurotic – He just balances rocks. Some are flat enough to act as “glue” I guess.

    @Seraphine – I think originally they were like maps for Inuits in the North.

    @RennyBA’s Terella – Thank you! I like sitting by rocks, makes me small 😆

  4. Jeesh. I visited my partner in Ottawa last October when he was working on Parliament Hill. We visited and really enjoyed the Autumn colours in Gataneau Park but missed the rock sculptures. I would have loved to see them. If only I’d known! Next time.

  5. @DianeCA – No, he hasn’t! I’d be curious to see some picture if you ever get the chance to post any.

    @Max Coutinho – That makes me think I need a haircut! 😆 My hair grow extremely fast. You’d think it’s a blessing… but I’m complaing 😆

    @Seb – Sharks, and bears. Don’t forget the bears.

    @Adam – Well, this was the first visit for me, and I’ve been living in Ottawa for quite a while! I didn’t know about it actually, a friend told me. Next time!

  6. oh yeah! i vaguely remember being told to stack two stones, then place a third stone next to the stack indicating the direction you were walking. i forgot all about that.
    heh, in case i get lost in the woods.
    also, you can make tea using pine needles.
    .-= Seraphine´s last blog ..Full Disclosure Up/side/Down =-.

  7. Yea, it’s pretty unique Zhu – and now we both know that Norway have got one as a gift to prove our peoples good old friendship!

    Btw1: Sorry I’m not that much around commenting these days! A combination of overload work and Winter Olympics takes most of the time.
    Right now I am watching Norway vs Sweden in Curling and if we beet them, we probably go to the semi final… and then: Maybe we meet in the final!?!

    Btw2: How do you like the Norwegian Curling Team’s trousers ?
    .-= RennyBA’s Terella´s last blog ..Winter Olympics 2010 Inuksuk from Canada in Norway =-.

  8. Oh wow!!! Those are incredible! I like how some of them look like little birds!

    Amazing that they simply use gravity and balance to stay standing!

    Thanks for showing these pictures!

    Have a great day.

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