Italian Cars in Little Italy

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A while ago, I complained that nothing ever happened in Little Italy but some pasta-eating.

I was wrong.

When I arrived at the yoga studio located in the heart of Little Italy on Friday, I realized that it was the “Settimana Italiana di Ottawa”, the Italian week. I came back the next day to check it out, and was treated to a nice display of Italian cars.

The last car show I stumbled upon was the classic American cars in Ogdensburg, U.S. I still don’t know anything about cars, American or Italian, but I must admit the sound of the engine starting before the race was quite exciting and unique.

Despite the severe winter conditions half of the year, I spot quite a lot of sports car on the road in Ontario, mostly nice convertibles and the occasional race car. I don’t understand it (give me a Beetle and I’m happy!) but hey, to each his own. Meanwhile, it was cool to see so many Ferrari on the tiny Preston Street parking lot, and a lot of guys seemed to be appropriately impressed.

Little Italy

Italian Flag

Preston Street, Little Italy

Funfair for Families

Having Ice Cream


The Dashboard

Grey Ferrari

The Engine

Classic Red Ferrari

Race Car

Inside the Race Car

Ready to Race

Ready to Race

Parking Lot of Posh Cars

Red Ferrari

Ready to Race

Ready to Race

Ready to Race


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  1. I’ve got this “thing” for italian (luxury) cars, I must confess. If I could only afford one! My favorites are the Maserati (so elegant…) and for something more futuristic, Lamborghinis! Yes, I’m one of those who could spend hours in car shows… 🙂

    • Interesting! I usually like the design of Italian cars but I really can’t say much more about them. I’m so ignorant about cars!

  2. I love car shows. I have shared photos from two here in Tulsa this year. Italian exotic cars are very nice but what starts my pulse racing are the vintage luxury cars from the 1920’s and 30’s.

  3. Love the pics! I once got to see a show like this in Montreux. I know I didn’t have the type of camera to take many pics and most of the cars were racing… Exciting and a change of pace!

  4. I’m glad you got to see those cars. Whenever I see a gathering of interesting cars, I always wonder, where have these cars been before this? I think things like, there’s Maseratis in Buffalo? Where do these people hide them? 😛

  5. Hi Zhu,
    A lot of fab colors and forms here to photograph. I am not a car fan but, beauty is everywhere behind a camera lens.
    I can’t believe what clean machines these engibes are. You could practiaclly eat off that motor…

  6. Hi Zhu,

    “give me a Beetle”

    LOL not a mini? Frankly, I love them both although the mini’s engine is far more smoother.
    Gorgeous engine (that of Ferrari’s)! Loved the pics, Zhu Zhu; it made me reminisce of a world I know all too well (my dad used to race in Africa).

    Thanks for sharing. It was a nice post before taking off to my summer break.


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