Italian Cars in Little Italy


A while ago, I com­plained that noth­ing ever hap­pened in Lit­tle Italy but some pasta-eating.

I was wrong.

When I arrived at the yoga stu­dio located in the heart of Lit­tle Italy on Fri­day, I real­ized that it was the “Set­ti­mana Ital­iana di Ottawa”, the Ital­ian week. I came back the next day to check it out, and was treated to a nice dis­play of Ital­ian cars.

The last car show I stum­bled upon was the clas­sic Amer­i­can cars in Ogdens­burg, U.S. I still don’t know any­thing about cars, Amer­i­can or Ital­ian, but I must admit the sound of the engine start­ing before the race was quite excit­ing and unique.

Despite the severe win­ter con­di­tions half of the year, I spot quite a lot of sports car on the road in Ontario, mostly nice con­vert­ibles and the occa­sional race car. I don’t under­stand it (give me a Bee­tle and I’m happy!) but hey, to each his own. Mean­while, it was cool to see so many Fer­rari on the tiny Pre­ston Street park­ing lot, and a lot of guys seemed to be appro­pri­ately impressed.

Lit­tle Italy

Ital­ian Flag

Pre­ston Street, Lit­tle Italy

Fun­fair for Families

Hav­ing Ice Cream


The Dash­board

Grey Fer­rari

The Engine

Clas­sic Red Ferrari

Race Car

Inside the Race Car

Ready to Race

Ready to Race

Park­ing Lot of Posh Cars

Red Fer­rari

Ready to Race

Ready to Race

Ready to Race


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  1. Hi Zhu,

    give me a Beetle”

    LOL not a mini? Frankly, I love them both although the mini’s engine is far more smoother.
    Gor­geous engine (that of Ferrari’s)! Loved the pics, Zhu Zhu; it made me rem­i­nisce of a world I know all too well (my dad used to race in Africa).

    Thanks for shar­ing. It was a nice post before tak­ing off to my sum­mer break.


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