It’s -40°C And I’d Like To Complain About It

Just Going Out For a Minute...

Just Going Out For a Minute…

It’s been very cold since we arrived last Sun­day—yes, even for Canada. For the past few days, tem­per­a­tures have been hov­er­ing around –25°C, –40°C with the windchill.

Fuck­ing cold, eh.

If you’ve never expe­ri­enced this kind of weather, let me explains how it feels. First, you step out. You take a deep breath and think “that’s not so bad.” Then, within sixty sec­onds, you lose what­ever body heat you had stored. Your hands are burn­ing, your joints get stiff, any exposed skin feels painful, your nos­trils stick together every breath you take.

It’s unbear­able.

I went out wear­ing a pair of socks, leg­gings and a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, a sweater, my jacket, a hat, my hood, a scarf cov­er­ing my face and gloves and I still couldn’t last more than ten min­utes in the cold.

There isn’t much to do when it’s that cold. Frankly, you just don’t want to go out. Even dri­ving isn’t fun because you have to warm up the car, roads aren’t great and you freeze to death walk­ing from the park­ing lot to what­ever place you’re going to.

Repair­ing the dam­ages this kind of weather does to your body is a neces­sity.  My hands are dry and the skin is chapped and cracked. I spend my time putting hand cream and Vase­line at night. I put on mois­tur­iz­ing cream all over my body after my shower, and I switched to a richer face cream. I never go out with­out my stick of Burt’s Bee lip balm. And that’s the bare min­i­mum. Hon­estly, I think the Cana­dian gov­ern­ment should give all cit­i­zens a “sur­viv­ing win­ter” allowance for beauty products.

Fun fact#1: The Rideau Canal is open for skat­ing but I only spot­ted one brave soul on the ice. No kidding.

Fun fact#2: We are expect­ing a lot of snow this Sunday.

O Canada. I love you, but warm up. Seriously.




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  1. where should I start with Canada.
    I have left canada some 12 years ago, and apart from an expired cana­dian pass­port have noth­ing to do with that frozen land. and I am happy with my choice, this win­ter being a very good reminder.
    south is warmer and def­i­nitely much bet­ter. although I men­tion that I am cana­dian when vis­it­ing canada on a us pass­port I get has­sled as to where is my cana­dian pass­port. Always remind them that I dont need to have a cana­dian pass­port to enter, as I am cana­dian cit­i­zen, and since i live in the states and have no what­so­ever inten­tion to go to live in the Arctics(rephrase that … Canada) my us pass­port should be suf­fi­cient for the rest of the world.
    hor­ri­ble weather is the least of your prob­lem. care insur­ance 5 fold of what I pay in a year, ter­ri­ble sale taxes which bump the prices 3–4 times com­pared to the states, gaso­line prices much more expen­sive.
    Caped earn­ings in canada due to the fact that that econ­omy cant sup­port big salaries like here in the states where in finan­cial secu­ri­ties salaries over 100K are com­mon.
    It kills me the real estate mar­ket in toronto where prices for the frozen land have sky­rock­eted. what kind of peo­ple claim prop­erty in the arc­tic , at prices that one can see only in NYC?!
    Miss sorry but you are in the wrong place. enjoy the win­ter (and the hot sum­mer).
    thank you for the nice screen­shot of the temps in canada. it is mak­ing the round of the inter­net as we actu­ally speak :)

    • So, you are liv­ing in the US now? As much as I like this coun­try as a trav­eler, I wouldn’t see myself liv­ing there and becom­ing Amer­i­can for many rea­sons. Yes, the weather is… bru­tal in Canada. But it’s the same in some parts of the US as well, and I don’t mean just Alaska! 😆 Over­all, I think I fit the Cana­dian soci­ety better :-)

  2. Now that is too darn COLD! Gotta love livin’ in California 😉

    Great post — just fol­lowed you on Twit­ter so hope to see you there sometime!

    • This was last win­ter, it was unusu­ally cold then, even for Canada. These last few days have been warm actu­ally, same tem­per­a­ture as in Delhi, about 5C dur­ing the day as well! I had no idea it could get so cold in India actu­ally. Note that we have great heat­ing sys­tems every­where, so you will never be cold indoors.

      • Well in Delhi it can drop down to 1C once or twice dur­ing the win­ter, a cou­ple of years ago it had dipped down to 0C as well; else win­ters pass by between 8 — 12 C as the min­i­mum of the day; how­ever if you climb up north of India you will find some below 0C places as well (some of these pre­ferred a lot by backpackers)

  3. I came across your blog recently while search­ing on how to sur­vive Cana­dian win­ters! Its really infor­ma­tive and at the same time a bit scary for a per­son like me who is from trop­i­cal cli­mate zone and soon to be liv­ing in Canada!!…I hope to sur­vive Saska­toon win­ters which I found out are really extreme..anyway I liked your blog! look­ing for­ward to many more inter­est­ing articles :)

    • Well, the good side is, Cana­dian win­ters are unique and fas­ci­nat­ing at first because it’s so new! But yes, some­time it’s hard. Wel­come to Canada… where are you settling?

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