My Non-Scary Non-Gory Labour and Birth Story – Part III


You Can read My Non-Scary Non-Gory Labour and Birth Story – Part I here and Part II here. This is the last chap­ter of the birth story.

After The Birth

I breast­fed Mark for about an hour, skin to skin. He latched right away, lucky me! It felt nat­ural and right and again, I was a bit sore but not in pain. It had left as fast as it had come. I got up, took a shower (the best one ever!) and walked around the room.

Lunch was brought—lasagna, and I was ravenous!—and I took some pic­tures. I felt great phys­i­cally, just sore like after a good workout.

We were trans­ferred into another room in the baby & mother unit. This one wasn’t as nice as Room 8 where Mark was born, it was a shared room par­ti­tioned with a cur­tain. Still, it was big enough with a bed for me, a rock­ing chair, a fold­able sofa for the father and a win­dow with a view on the fall colours.

I went out for a walk out­side, grabbed a tea at the busy Tim Hor­tons (yes, two hours after birth I already had itchy feet!), slept a bit, nursed some more, ate…

It felt unreal to have baby Mark with us, in the room, in his bassinet. The nurse was check­ing on us every hour or so: I was fine and so was he.

Feng went home for a few hours to grab some stuff, includ­ing my Black­Berry charger and take-out Viet­namese food, and I stayed with Mark.

Twenty-Four Hours Later

We only stayed a day and a half at the hos­pi­tal. Since I had given birth at 11 a.m. on the Fri­day, we had to stay until 11 a.m., Saturday.

The night at the hos­pi­tal was tir­ing. With all the babies in the room, it was like a domino effect: one would start cry­ing, wak­ing up the other ones.

On Sat­ur­day, I just wanted to go home. I was dying for a good shower and I was sick of the hos­pi­tal food. The meals were actu­ally pretty good but the por­tions were tiny (think plane meals) and the only alter­na­tive was junk food in the cafe­te­ria or from Tim Hor­tons down­stairs. I joked that hos­pi­tal meals were spon­sored by dairy farm­ers: we kept on being brought milk car­tons as snacks!

I kept on bug­ging the nurse to be dis­charged. But first, the pedi­a­tri­cian had to exam­ine the baby. I should have been given two IV of antibi­otics (because of being pos­i­tive to the GBS test) but labour had been so fast that I only had one, and the med­ical team wanted to make sure Mark was fine (he was).

Unfor­tu­nately, the busy pedi­a­tri­cian left the hos­pi­tal at 2 p.m. for an emer­gency. The nurse said he may be back later in the day and I kept my fin­gers crossed. Mean­while, a young intern gave Mark his first bath—the intern was so ner­vous him­self it was very funny to watch!

Finally, the pedi­a­tri­cian came back at 6 p.m. and exam­ined Mark and dis­charged us. An hour later, more blood test came back all good and we set Mark in his car seat, ready to head home.

Baby Mark, Just Born

Feng and Mark

Our Med Chart

With Baby Mark

The Room in the Mother & Baby Unit


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  1. Hello petite Maman,

    This was a fab­u­lous story, as each woman’s birth story. You are both are blessed. You will now be able to raise and cul­ti­vate with love a future mul­ti­cul­tural world citizen!

    A beau­ti­ful destiny :).

    Big hugs xx

  2. Baby Mark looks like Feng at this stage and I bet lots of changes soon. So bliss­ful there and I hope you have enough rest to take care of Baby Mark 😀

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