Life On The Small Screen: The Status of Mobile Gaming in Canada



Mobile gaming continues to thrive and looks set to be poised to really begin dominating the gaming market in the near future. Experts are already predicting that mobile gaming will likely increase 4-fold by the year 2019 mostly thanks to the accessibility these games now have thanks to smartphone and tablet devices. This allows such a wider audience and even new emerging demographics of potential players to climb aboard one of the biggest entertainment industries in the world. Whist the rest of the world’s mobile gaming industry thrives, how is it performing in Canada?

Interestingly enough Canada is leading the way when it comes to female gamers. It’s currently the number one country in the world that has a higher share of female mobile gamers rather than male. This is a massive 50.2% share of the 11 million current Canadian mobile gamers out there. As surprising as that statistic may be to hear it’s actually quite a common factor of mobile gaming in recent months with both the UK and the US also experiencing similar percentages of lady gamers.

Newzoo, the Dutch market research and analytics company, have managed to pull up some interesting stats and facts that really help give us a better insight into the Canadian gamer market. In new research carried out by the firm they discovered that 9 out of 16 Canadian Xbox gamers also actually play smartphone and tablet based games at least once a week. On the face it that stat may not seem like much, however when you take into account that millions of consoles are sold in the country every year and more than 56% of them are actually taking part in weekly mobile gaming experiences, then it’s a statistic that signifies a whole lot for the mobile market in this part of the world.

In terms of App store rankings across both iPhones and iPads the revenue and overall spend generated on mobile gaming in Canada is quite significant with the country sitting high in the sixth spot overall. At the top of the mobile gaming food-chain sits marketplaces – App Store and Google Play, popular mobile apps – Royal Vegas mobile casino and addictive record-breaking games – Angry Birds. All of which contribute greatly to the dramatic mobile growth in the country.

Of course smartphone and tablet ownership in Canada is also significant and it’s these sheer numbers and the inclusion of convenient digital stores found on Android or iOS devices that have opened the floodgates to an entire new generation of game players. Not to mention an untapped market of gamers such as mothers, fathers and even grandparents.


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