The London Eye

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So yeah, we are in London. This is Europe: London is only 2:15 from Paris by train and we wanted to go to Paris anyway, so may as well take a side trip to the U.K. Travelers’ logic.

The last time I was in London, not including multiples transfers at Heathrow airport, was in 1998. I had never seen the London Eye, the giant Ferris wheel set up in the capital to celebrate the millennium. It was high on my “must visit list”, for both the somewhat unusual character of the landmark and the view from the wheel.

I wasn’t disappointed. When getting off the tube at Westminster, the view is unbeatable. Up close, the 135 meters high wheel is quite impressive as well.

Each capsule holds about 25 people but we were lucky as it wasn’t that busy when we visited. One revolution takes about 30 minutes — the flight is slow enough that you truly get to enjoy the sights: the many bridges across the Thames, Big Ben, the Palace of Westminster… London is a beautiful city, no doubt about that.

You can follow our trip to the U.K here on Flickr: United Kingdom.

London Eye Esplanade

Going Up...

Along the Thames

Train Station

The Pod and Big Ben

The Wheel

The Bridges and the Thames

Pod on Top

The London Eye

London Eye in Feng's Eye

Inside the Pod

Big Ben

The Thames

Downtown London

Big Ben and the Bridge


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  1. Great photos! I was in London in June of 2000 and the London Eye was very new and exciting. The crowds were such that I didn’t try to ride it but was curious about the view. Thanks for the photos. Good for you.

  2. Great Shots once again Zhu and here, we called the The Singapore Flyer. Each has its own distinct flavour and scenes and I hope one day I’ll bring you up here 😀

    Love your camera and I love your photography skill 😀

  3. How wonderful!!
    This is one of those attractions that you have to do once to experience it.
    Have you ever noticed how we photograher travelers often have to find the higher points in a city, like a tower,a sky scraper,etc,to photograph views from on top? I love to do that too!!

  4. @Agnes – We did! That and Indian food of course 😉

    @Linguist-in-Waiting – Thank you! I’m preparing an “eye” series like that.

    @Tulsa Gentleman – It wasn’t that busy, I think we were ahead of the July crowd, lucky us.

    @Ghosty Kips – That and coming to Canada 😉

    @Poem – Thank you!

    @shionge – I’d love to see the Singapore one! Do you have pictures of it?

    @Soleil – Was it there already? We were lucky the weather was good too, I heard it can be quite foggy up there.

    @khengsiong – Ouch!

    @Charles Dastodd – I know, me too! It’s an amazing city.

    @Cynthia – That’s the problem with pets I guess. But you know, London is cheaper than Paris!

    @barbara – I love going up to get an overview of the city, you are right!

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