Mark… I Am Your Mother…

Mark and I On The Motorcycle Racing Video Game, Ottawa, March 2013

Mark and I On The Motor­cy­cle Rac­ing Video Game, Ottawa, March 2013

Feng was wait­ing for me at the Ottawa Air­port. It took all my self-control not to run to him—I think I did run, actu­ally. We hugged. I sud­denly real­ized how much I had missed him. There is no bet­ter feel­ing than spot­ting a loved one wait­ing for you at Arrivals.

I had a few hours to unpack and start doing laun­dry before pick­ing Mark up at his grand­par­ents. I emp­tied my back­pack, put my stuff away and started clean­ing the house. “I vac­u­umed like… two days ago?” Feng claimed. “Did you actu­ally plug the vac­uum cleaner?” I asked, amazed at how much dust had accu­mu­lated over the course of three weeks. No doubt that two guys had been liv­ing in the house. There were toys scat­tered every­where, as well as “guy food” in the fridge and on the kitchen counter—chicken nuggets, pop­corn, candies…

Meh. I lived in hos­tels. I have seen worse messes.

We drove to Feng’s par­ents. I was ner­vous, as if sum­moned to the principal’s office after being caught skip­ping school. “Do you think he will to rec­og­nize me?” I asked. “Of course he will! You are his mother!”

I had no idea how Mark was going to react see­ing me and I had but­ter­flies in my stomach.

We rang the bell, my father-in-law opened the door and we stepped in. My mother-in-law was going down the stairs, Mark in her arms. When he saw me, a look of sur­prise flashed across his face. Then he smiled and called “woo, woo!”

I hugged him and he hugged back. It stroke me how much Mark looks like Feng. It stroke me how grown up he was. He is no longer a baby but a lit­tle boy now. This didn’t hap­pen over the past three weeks, of course, but it’s eas­ier to notice changes when you don’t see peo­ple in a while.

After hug­ging, Mark decided to rebel. He got mad at me and ran to my mother-in-law, cry­ing to be picked up.

I was expect­ing such reac­tion from my per­cep­tive lit­tle boy so I let it go.

Once we were home, it was busi­ness as usual. Mark’s hair and nails were very long so I held a “cut­ting party”. I bathed him, fed him, enter­tained him.

I told you, Mark. Mommy always comes back,” I said.

Ah da.”

Yes, I missed you too. Did you have fun when I was away?”

Ah da.”

Good. I had fun too. Now, let’s have some fun together, shall we?”

Ah da.”

I chose to take it as a “yes” and tick­led him.

Yep, mommy is back. My hair is shorter, I am ridicu­lously tan and I really need to wax my legs. I feel pretty good.

Now is the time to start a new rou­tine and yes… this includes get­ting help with Mark.


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