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Modern Montréal

Like I was say­ing last time, Mon­tréal is not just the cute European-style city a lot of peo­ple imag­ine. There is the old Mon­tréal… and the mod­ern down­town, which is just like any other Amer­i­can city.

Maybe that’s what I found con­fus­ing the first time I vis­ited the city. Peo­ple speak French (most of them any­way) and yes, the province has its own dis­tinct cul­ture. That said, most provinces in Canada have their own cul­ture… Ontario has lit­tle to do with Alberta, like New­found­land can’t be com­pared to British-Colombia.

But beyond the cul­tural (and some­times ide­o­log­i­cal) aspects, Mon­tréal is North Amer­i­can and the sky­line is def­i­nitely not Euro­pean in most part of the city, except for the old port area.

Arriving Downtown Montreal

Arriv­ing Down­town Montréal

Downtown Montreal

Down­town Montréal

Huge Buildings Nearby St Catherine

Huge Build­ings Nearby St Catherine

In The Heart Of The City

In The Heart Of The City

Hockey Players

Hockey Play­ers

Remembering The Canadians

Remem­ber­ing The Canadians

Nearby The Bell Center

Nearby The Bell Center

The Basilica

The Basil­ica

St Catherine Street

St Cather­ine Street

North American Breakfast

North Amer­i­can Breakfast


  1. @Agnes — Thank you!

    @CM-Chap — You should go there some­times ;-)

    @Tulsa Gen­tle­man — That’s some­thing I want to be too: a cit­i­zen of this big world, try­ing to under­stand how it works. :-)

    @the writer — Not my every­day break­fast, for sure :lol:

    @shionge — The Cathe­dral is beau­ti­ful, indeed.

    @Linguist-in-Waiting — That’s exactly what I meant. And this is the part of Mon­tréal I first vis­ited, hence my con­fu­sion I guess.

    This is not my every­day break­fast! The story goes, we were hun­gry and wanted to have a breakfast/ lunch before vis­it­ing the rest of the city and dri­ving back to Ottawa. A lot of places were closed so we ended up in that small diner. I had no idea break­fast were that big! I had the bagel and eggs (hid­den behind the fries) and left the fries :lol:

    @kyh — See above for the break­fast story ;-) Now, one thing that sur­prised me is that a lot of peo­ple actu­ally ask for take out break­fast… weird, con­sid­er­ing how big is was!

    @Bluefish — Thanks for the proper name! Which part of Mon­tréal do you prefer?

    @Seraphine — Would white sauce be may­on­naise? It is pop­u­lar in Europe, even Mac­don­alds give more mayo than ketchup (Feng noticed that!). I guess it’s “sauces pour les frites”.

    No gravy on my fries! I actu­ally didn’t eat them (way too much, I had the bagel and eggs hid­den behind them).

    @rowena — It did, even if we didn’t eat every­thing! We were full until din­ner time :lol:

  2. Surely Cana­di­ans don’t eat fried Potato chips for their break­fast, they must all be very plump! Though I have to say it looks lovely, but I would eat it for lunch or din­ner.
    The stat­ues look very good and the build­ings inter­est­ing spe­cially with the lighting.

  3. Hello again,

    Mod­ern Mon­tréal is beau­ti­ful! I liked it!

    Girl, I can never get enough of your pics: never!

    .-= Max Coutinho´s last blog ..S.O.M: Save Our Men =-.

  4. Mod­ern Mon­tréal, I like how the city looks!
    Oh don’t get me started on North Amer­i­can breakfast.…pfffftt… :D
    .-= Final_Transit´s last blog ..Small town boys =-.

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