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Niagara Falls In The Winter

After a few days in Toronto, we had decided to drive to Nia­gara Falls on Jan­u­ary 1st. I was curi­ous to see the falls in the winter.

Because the weather had been rel­a­tively mild in Toronto, we had for­got­ten how cold it really was in the rest of Canada. An hour away from Toronto, it started to snow. In Nia­gara Falls, it was cold and windy and there were huge chunks if ice here and there in the water.

The scenery was very dif­fer­ent from the last time we were there, in the Spring.The town itself was very quiet and looked deserted but a hand­ful of tourists were hang­ing out by the Cana­dian Falls. You could spot the ones from South­ern U.S. right away: they were the only one play­ing with the snow like if it was some kind of fun radioac­tive mate­r­ial. I actu­ally heard a mother yelling to her kids: “go wash your hand, you just touched snow!!”.

We stayed long enough for me to take pic­tures and headed to the near­est Star­bucks to warm up.

You can see the full set of pic­tures here.

The Amer­i­can Falls

I’m Cold!!!

The Cana­dian Falls

Do Not…Jump?

Lit­tle House By The Falls

Col­or­ful Hats Tourists

Dan­ger: Winter

Impres­sive Flow Rate

Fresh From Under The Falls?

Look­ing At The Falls

The Edge

The Tree

Frozen Land

Close To The Water

The Mist


  1. Gor­geous! Must be a tran­scen­den­tal expe­ri­ence!
    .-= Seb´s last blog ..Pre­dic­tion Cat =-.

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