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Old Montréal

For some rea­son, Mon­tréal has never been one of my favorite city.

Right after arriv­ing in Canada for the first time in 2002, Feng and I took a road trip. We had landed in Toronto, went through Ottawa, and then Mon­tréal, Québéc city and the sur­round­ings. It was Feb­ru­ary and it was cold, bru­tally cold, espe­cially con­sid­er­ing that we were com­ing from Brazil, had no win­ter clothes and that I had never seen snow before.

I had been very excited to go to Mon­tréal for two main rea­sons: first, I had heard about it a lot since French seemed to love that city. Sec­ond, I would finally have the chance to speak French again.

I wasn’t ter­ri­bly dis­ap­pointed but I found the city odd. First, it wasn’t very pretty with its long straight end­less streets, exposed tp wind drafts. I had expected some­thing more… Euro­pean. Sec­ond, like many French, I was under the impres­sion that Que­be­cers were like long lost cousins, basi­cally French peo­ple lost in North Amer­ica. And oh boy I was wrong… As I soon dis­cov­ered, the rela­tion­ship between French and Que­bec French wasn’t that easy and except for the lan­guage, we didn’t have much in common.

I had loved Québec city back then, though. It was pretty, espe­cially under the snow, and it matched the men­tal pic­ture of French Canada that I had in my head.

I went back to Mon­tréal sev­eral times after that, still not in love with it. I find the city con­fus­ing, espe­cially the mix of “old Europe” and “North America”.

This time was bet­ter though. We had gor­geous weather and explored the old part of the city. It actu­ally looked good, in the late sum­mer light…

Montreal's Harbor

Montréal’s Har­bor

Boating Around

Boat­ing Around

Dome of the Bonsecours Market

Dome of the Bon­sec­ours Market

Murale and Blue Sky

Murale and Blue Sky

Boats In The Harbor

Boats In The Harbor

Around The Old Port

Around The Old Port

Old Montreal

Old Mon­tréal

Train Track

Train Track

Artists Street

Artists Street

Along The Water

Along The Water

Three Women

Three Women




  1. Hey again,

    I love the three women statue: beautiful!

    Now, your pho­tos sell Mon­tréal just fine! Girl, they make us want to go there.

    I won­der what made you change your view about this city (have you analysed it yet?)…

    Thanks for these pics…loved them!

    .-= Max Coutinho´s last blog ..My biggest dis­ap­point­ment: Africa =-.

  2. Thanks for this. I’ve always been curi­ous about Mon­tréal so it’s inter­est­ing to read your impres­sions. And of course the pho­tos are great as always!
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..Deshe­brada en chile gua­jillo =-.

  3. Hi Zhu,
    Wait a minute… see­ing snow for the first time? I’m guess­ing there isn’t much snow­fall in France then (I didn’t know that!). And why from Brazil, why not from the home coun­try directly like ‘nor­mal’ peo­ple… LOL :)

    Oh I haven’t been to Mon­tréal or Que­bec or Ottawa yet, and I guess only next sum­mer is going to be the time…! Loved the pic­tures, and I am keen to try the Mon­tréal city bikes.
    .-= Final_Transit´s last blog ..Sergiev Posad: Enter­ing the Ortho­dox Chris­t­ian cir­cuit =-.

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