The Olympic Torch Relay In Ottawa (2/2)


After shoot­ing the torch relay, I decided to stay down­town and to have a look at the night fes­tiv­i­ties on Par­lia­ment Hill. By the time I got there, I learned from two ladies (pic­tured below) that they would only start after sun­set… I wasn’t going to sit on the cold wait­ing, like them, for a few hours. I headed to Chap­ters and grabbed a hot coffee.

By the time I could feel my toes again, the sun had set. I walked to Par­lia­ment Hill and real­ized that most of Ottawa had appar­ently showed up — it felt just like Canada Day, only 40C colder.

The lights on the Par­lia­ment were beau­ti­ful, espe­cially with the thick blan­ket of snow that fell a few days ear­lier. Snow, how­ever, it not cool when you try to set up a tri­pod — trust me.

There was a lot going on: music, auto­graph sign­ing from the ath­letes, var­i­ous “win­ter Olympics” activities…Canadians, young and old alike, were all wrapped up in warm clothes and every­body had a lot of fun.

Tak­ing pic­ture 1) at night 2) in the crowd 3) with frozen fin­gers isn’t easy, but I’m quite happy with the shots I got.



Waiting For The Show

Wait­ing For The Show

Party Is Here!

Party Is Here!

Funky Coke Bottles

Funky Coke Bottles

Gloves and Canadian Flag

Gloves and Cana­dian Flag

Queuing for... Coffee!

Queu­ing for… Coffee!

Warming Up Around The Centennial Flame

Warm­ing Up Around The Cen­ten­nial Flame



Practicing Hockey

Prac­tic­ing Hockey

Parliament Hill

Par­lia­ment Hill

Good Vantage Point...?

Good Van­tage Point…?



Graffiti Wall

Graf­fiti Wall


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