On The Road Again

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Passport, Vaccination Certificate And On The Road Again

Passport, Vaccination Certificate And On The Road Again

As much as I love Canada, I just can’t stand the idea of spending another winter here. As much as I like my job, I just can’t teach another minute. As much as I love my normal life, I need some freedom.

We are going traveling.

On December 9th, we will fly from Ottawa to Toronto. And then, from Toronto to Newark. We will arrive in Panamá City, Panamá, late at night.

Panamá. Of all places. I didn’t think I would ever go back there.

We don’t have any plans. We are going to pack for a few months. From Panamá City, we plan to go North, to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. We will then find a way to get to South America, and to avoid Colombia. We should be back in Spring 2009.

I’m keeping on blogging, of course — what else do you expect? You will get the full story on Panamá tomorrow… meanwhile, we have to go to some embassies to beg for visas. That’s the problem with last minute decisions…

Próxima Estación: Esperanza…?


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  1. You really are a globetrotter and your plans sounds exciting. I’ve never been there, but are glad you promised to keep on blogging course then I can follow you wherever you go?

    How about visiting us in Norway the next time you get the urge of seeing new places? 🙂

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