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One... Spider Taking Over The City!

My Eng­lish chum, Gra­ham, is cur­rently host­ing a Photo hunt at One Man’s Travel Blog. The theme of the month is “One” and here is… one major threat to the city of Ottawa, the one thing that could over­throw the Par­lia­ment — one big spider!


This sculp­ture by Louise Bour­geois (oh, yes, it is a sculp­ture by the way!) can be found down­town Ottawa, right by the National Gal­lerie of Canada. In the dis­tance, you can see the Byward mar­ket, the Château Lau­rier and the US Embassy. Stand­ing at 30 feet tall, the mother of all spi­der, Maman, is cast in bronze and has a sac of white mar­ble eggs in her belly. Yes, you get used to walk by even if you’re not a big spi­der fan! I don’t even mind stand­ing under it…

I took this pic­ture last week: notice the blue sky, a sure sign of extremely cold weather here in Canada. It was about — 20C that day. I choose this shot because I liked the idea of one small arach­nid every­one hates in a posi­tion to take over a city. Doesn’t it feel that way, viewed from this angle? Okay, my inter­pre­ta­tion of “one” is a bit loose… I admit it!

One spi­der to rule them all…


  1. Its reall spi­der?
    But that is a ter­ri­bly large spi­der. I did not like this, because its very harm.

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