Online Trends of 2016

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online-942410_960_720As the year comes to close, it becomes time to reflect upon it. We think about what we’ve achieved, what we can improve, what we enjoyed and what we lost. This can be in our personal lives and for the world as a whole. We can consider the apps, songs, movies, books and more of the year and think about how it affected us and how will continue to affect us in the future. The internet alone has developed significantly throughout 2016, changing, improving and bringing new features and possibilities, and here as just some of the internet trends of the year.

The way in which we interact with and express ourselves has continued to grow in 2016 thanks to the internet. Social media websites, such as Facebook, Tumblr, and YouTube have allowed people to provide new content and create new stories. More user content is uploaded and streamed than has ever existed, meaning there is a vast variety of content. Allowing people this creativity adds new dimensions that were never possible and it will only grow. This also applies to communication, whether it’s browser or smartphone based, increased systems for messaging and talking to people, faster internet speeds and people’s familiarity with the devices and apps have made things easier. These communication platforms are becoming more common and widespread, allowing people to get used to the different types and methods, streamlining the process.

Online gaming has increased in popularity year by year, with 2016 being no exception. The ability to play games with or against people far way from you has taken the medium in new directions. While single player, story-based game were the norm, the ability to always have other players available and the diversity amiable has increased online games’ popularity. This allows people to play with friends or strangers conveniently, without worrying about schedules or leaving home, which is especially useful come the cold, dark winter nights. Overwatch has been a smash hit online game in 2016 and already has become one of the best selling games ever and will continue to grow in 2017. Online casinos have always provided countless entertainment, with sites such as New Jersey Online Casinos allowing for many games to be played easily and at your complete convenience. With this trend continuing, online gaming will become more of the norm and even more successful.

Advertising on the internet has always been a powerful tool but not without it’s controversy. Advertisements on leading websites allow businesses to reach millions of customers, and with the variety of websites, you can target specific products at the right customers. The downside is though that many internet users find the advertising obnoxious, as it can impede their usage to various degrees. Whether it’s banner ads, pop-ups, adverts before, during of after videos, or whatever, it can ruin an internet experience if done badly. This has lead to the increased utilization of ad blockers in 2016, which can halt any advertising a user encounters and will pose a problem for businesses in 2017 who wish to legitimately advertise themselves and their products.

2016 has been a significant year when it comes to the internet and online services, and with 2017 on the horizon, these trends are likely to continue and grow.



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