Only in Canada…;

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Only in Canada…

  • You can’t get your mail for three days because the mailbox outside is frozen. Too bad, your first paycheck was in the mail…
  • You see people queuing outside in the snow at 7:00 am for a cup of Tim Hortons coffee
  • You’re 50 cts. short for buying a Coke because you thought taxes were included
  • You see people wearing shorts and tee-shirt when it’s “only” 5C.
  • You have to plug your car overnight to make sure it starts in the morning
  • You can treat yourself with the leftover dough of a doughnut (yep, it’s called Timbits and people actually like them)
  • You’re considered as “fluent in French” if you can read most road signs and food products’ boxes
  • There are kids playing hockey depicted on your banknote

Eh, this is Canada !


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French woman in English Canada. World citizen, new mom, traveler, translator, writer and photographer. Looking for comrades to start a new revolution.


  1. vincent FRANCE on

    La vie est comme un tricot que nous tricotons une maille à la fois. Une maille est un jour. Une maille est une année. Je vous souhaite plein de mailles à l’endroit et de reprendre les mailles à l’envers avec bonheur.
    The life is as a knitting which we knit a mesh at the same time. A mesh is one day. A mesh is one year. I wish you full with meshs at the place and to take again the meshs with back with happiness.
    ???????, ?????,?????; —-???????, ?????????????, ?????, ????????????!!!
    Mes meilleurs vœux de Bonheur et de Paix pour cette année 2007 que nous espérons belle et prospère pour tout le Monde.
    My best wishes of Happiness and Peace for this year 2007 that we hope for beautiful and thrives for everyone.

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