Picture of the Week: Ontario Wine Pick

Ontario Wine Pick, Ottawa, June 2013

Ontario Wine Pick, Ottawa, June 2013

Appar­ently, some­one wasn’t too inspired with the local wine pick—big blank!

I am not a wine per­son. In fact, I rarely—if ever—drink, which is often seen as strange con­sid­er­ing I grew up in France, in a wine region to boot. But some­how, I have never devel­oped the taste for alco­holic drinks. I hate beer, both the taste and the smell, and while I can have some wine I don’t think I truly enjoy it the way I am sup­posed to.

I guess there is noth­ing wrong with not drink­ing but I often feel I have to jus­tify myself, espe­cially when I am in France. No, I am not a recov­er­ing alco­holic; no, I did not expe­ri­ence any alcohol-related trauma, no, really, I do no need a sec­ond “verre” of this sup­pos­edly deli­cious “rosé”!

Canada does pro­duce some good wine, mostly in south­ern British Colum­bia and south­ern Ontario, includ­ing the famous “ice wine”. Maybe that would have been a good “Ontario wine pick”!


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  1. Mmmm Ontario wine. My favourite is a red called Small Talk, that I wrote about on my blog when I first moved here. It is so deli­cious! Wild love to wine taste at Nia­gara this sum­mer. Lovely lovely Nia­gara wine!

  2. Hi,

    I wanted to request you this for quite a while now. Since you have pub­lished this entry of wine I guess its right place to request you to quite Smoking..

    You would b won­der­ing how did I come to know bout it? Well thanks to Feng who took few of ur pic nd u for­got to hide ur cigi!! 😉

    For Mark’s and your fans sake!! :-)

    Happy quit­ing,

    A fan of ur writ­ing n photography.



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