Ottawa By Night


It’s mid-February now, and even though win­ter is far from being over, the days are slowly get­ting longer. Just a month ago, it was pitch dark by the time I left work, at 5 pm. Now, I can actu­ally watch the sun­set in the bus (pro­vided I don’t miss it…).

I could say the worst part of the win­ter is behind us but I don’t want to jinx it. We haven’t had much snow this year but for a cou­ple of snow­storms back in Decem­ber. But it could very well snow until March/ April and tem­per­a­tures are still well below zero, aver­ag­ing –15C.

Most immi­grants think their first win­ter in Canada is the hard­est because they are not used to it. But I dis­agree. Sure, there is the ini­tial “fuck­ing cold, eh” fac­tor. But for most, the first win­ter is quite fun because snow­storms, bliz­zards, ice rain and all the weird “only in Canada” weather phe­nom­e­nons are actu­ally excit­ing to expe­ri­ence. The sec­ond win­ter is even bet­ter, because by then, you are actu­ally able to deal with more extreme weather con­di­tions and appre­ci­ate all the perks of the winter.

After that, it pretty much goes down­hill. You know how long win­ter will be. You know that the first snow is beau­ti­ful, but that the five cen­time­ters that fell on your grass one morn­ing in Novem­ber won’t melt till May. You know that days will be short, that start­ing the car in the morn­ing will take ages and that you will wear lay­ers and lay­ers of clothes for the next few months. Men­tally, it’s hard. The Cana­dian win­ter gets to you after a while.

The East Block of the Parliament

The East Block of the Parliament

The Parliament Library

The Par­lia­ment Library

Side Parliament Entrance

Side Par­lia­ment Entrance

War Memorial

War Memo­r­ial

Château Laurier

Château Lau­rier

Night Traffic

Night Traf­fic

Old Train Station

Old Train Station

The Canal and Downtown

The Canal and Downtown

Snowy Bench and Crane

Snowy Bench and Crane

Business District

Busi­ness District

Job Half Done

Job Half Done




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  1. Ter­rific pho­tos. I just love liv­ing here in Ottawa and you have really cap­tured the essence of the place [as far as such a thing is pos­si­ble] with your pho­tos and com­men­tary. Wow!
    Just today, a friend vis­it­ing me from out of town was going on and on about what a beau­ti­ful place this. We were stopped at a red light right in the Mar­ket and made note of the fact that there was NO GARBAGE… no LITTER, any­where.
    I said to him, “If I ever start telling you that I am mov­ing from Ottawa, I want you to imme­di­ately kick me in the head.“

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  3. It’s amaz­ing how cities around the world become trendy, and beca­cause that fact trav­ellers miss those hid­den gems all over the globe. I’m so glad an excited I’m mov­ing besides my lovely small fam­ily to this beau­ti­ful city in the next two months.

    Every­time I read your posts about Ottawa and see your city awe­some pic­tures, I feel more closer and get more famil­iar with it.

    Thank you Zhu for bring me those eyes and soul closer to my des­tiny. You con­stantly con­firm my right choice.


    • Well, first let me say “wel­come to Ottawa”! Let me know if I can be of any help, you know where to find me 😉 You are from Spain, right?

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