Overview of Fort McMurray Wildfire

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Since the 1st of May, the Fort McMurray wildfire continues to rage across the midsection of Canada. While its origins remain unknown, the dry weather and low humidity have helped to fuel the conflagration. Now with over 500,000 hectares destroyed, the need for financial aid grows every day.

The fire made a beeline for the city of Fort McMurray with an estimated population of almost 80,000. After an historic evacuation effort, the blaze left over 2,400 homes annihilated. Even more were uninhabitable, needing cleaning from the soot and ash. Not only have residences been impacted but major Canadian industries. The Athabasca oil sands operation, in the fire’s path, has been halted resulting in millions of dollars lost daily in oil production.

Overwhelming support from nations across the globe was offered to Canada. While some were accepted, some were not. Russia offered to use its super bombers to pour water on the blaze but was respectfully declined by Prime Minister Trudeau. Canada typically isn’t used to foreign aid but has been very appreciative of the support. Within their country, any donation made to the Canadian Red Cross is matched by the Canadian government. In the private sector, fundraisers have been held as well. One example is the site, GamblingInsider.ca. This site promotes the best Canadian online casino sites and for the month of June has a special offer designed to provide further financial relief to the Fort McMurray Wildfire effort. When a new player signs up at one of the sites promoted by GamblingInsider, the site contributes $1 to the relief fund.

This outpouring of support is much appreciated by the Canadian nation. Never before affected by a wildfire so large, the nation will be cleaning up and rebuilding for many years even after the fire is reigned in.



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